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  1. Custom Buzzbait

    Hi jonister, thanks a lot, greetings
  2. Custom Buzzbait

    Hi Luremakers, I share this tutorial of my last lure, handmade from beginning to end
  3. Custom Buzzbait

    Hi jonister, thanks a lot, this lure is all handmade, the master is made with oven bake clay, if you like you can see the video of how I made this lure, this is the youtube link Regards
  4. Homemade Fishing

    My page created to share my passion for fishing, as well as my hobby for making fishing lures, and it may be that one another fish in the hook
  5. Umbrella Rig

    DIY Umbrella rig, grubs tail soft plastic + stainless steel rig
  6. Custom Buzzbait

    My new fishing lure, custom buzzbait make with casting resin