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  1. I can give a few tips: 1. get the big laminating block not (never) the small one 2. some dual injector are "crosseyes" (take of the o-rings an see if the 2 piston aree center in the pipes) helps if you use a drill and use it to grind an oval hole toward the center we are talking about 1/10 part of a mm or lees..it helps a lot.
  2. https://youtu.be/mCN2BGy9lL0 how to and tips: 2x Reusable plastic Cup (one cut 30 mm from below) 1x Air Line Union Hose Compressor Fittings/Connector Male to Male 1/8" take the m/m 1/8" and heat it up so you can make a hole in the plastic (Reusable plastic are hard and cracks if you drill it) after cooldown and remove leftover plastic on the m/m,screw it in or use instant glue now inside the cup hot glue (high temperature glue) up to the edge so the thread holds on to the hot glue. next up are: 1x Airbrush Coupling Disconnect Adapter Airbrush Access
  3. well it was fun to try..but no luck (I was hoping for a small dark line)
  4. https://custombaits.com/index.php?topic=12220.0
  5. got a better hang of the selfmade hemway dye. this is 10 drops from a mix of 100g pigment and 450ml plastisol in 200 ml plastisol + black halo glitter
  6. powder paint (blandes i en lille flaske med plastisol som farve..er meget stærk farve) testing out Hemway | Powder Pigment - Postbox Red / 100g (ebay) today..I let you see it later and I got Metallic Tangerine Orange in the mail..0h well.. Metallic Chalk White are more perl not snow white Metallic Tangerine Orange are spot on Metallic Purple Violet are spot on look like the pigment mix well: Orange + Violet = red pigment does not appear to settle to the bottom after 2 days( dyemix of 100g pigment+400g plastisol) the Metallic look .. I like it...it
  7. Thermoplastic (polymer) Beads (toystore/ebay/hobby shop) 10-20 sec i microwave in a silicone cup (I do try many things...sometimes it works...sometime it burns) and ..yes it is hot/sticky plastic so be carefull.
  8. made of the most crapy leftovers plastisol..and now its all sparkels and shiny after a dip. next job it to make a smaller and fast swap tool out of it.
  9. the easy fix is boil em to get the bend out. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=boil+soft+bait
  10. Cab Softbait Paint (made for soft bait) Vallejo (shake well) createx (good for a starter or pro) https://vk.com/luresoftfishing (soft bait forum and sell)
  11. silicone do not stick to plastisol (but some china bait F... up the silicone..it never get hard)
  12. brand of paint.! filter.! are you new to it.!
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