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  1. OIR

    Material for lead mold

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/dwrplastics RTV High Temperature Silicone Mould Making Rubber its fast cure (max 2 min mix and cure in 30 min)
  2. OIR

    Hard Tail

    I made a triangular piece of silicon where I use the edge to smooth out some deco foil transfer gel on the foil ( nail art foils works too) and let it dry. after dry put it on the plastic blank/tail and between two pieces of paper into the Laminator. take off the transparent plastic support and cut/break of the hard plastic blanks from the paper ( the foil bonding the paper too) so it now a kind of heat activated bonding foil. (I was trying to get a heat activated bonding to stick on soft plastic a long time ago.) .might try to roll it on a hot silicone sheet or just use some "multicolor 120M 1 Roll Hot Stamping Foil Paper Holographic Heat Transfer Crafts" from ebay
  3. OIR

    Hard Tail

    NO NO NO cyanoacrilate (502) glue is the only one of 5 glues which can hold on plastisol and plastic. I see your tail is thin while in the video it becomes thick where it is glued to the plastic tail right now I try out iCraft Deco Foil on plastic and a Laminator.... works great next up is : Multicolor 120M 1 Roll Hot Stamping Foil Paper Holographic Heat Transfer Crafts (ebay) + Laminator (youtube.com/watch?v=YgwuRJUHSgE)
  4. OIR

    Smooth-On Moldstar 30 issues?

    some soft bait just dissolves the silicone..had a few
  5. OIR

    Hard Tail

    502 Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Super Glue https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyanoacrylate Applying cyanoacrylate to some natural materials such as cotton (jeans, cotton swabs, cotton balls, and certain yarns or fabrics), or leather or wool results in a powerful, rapid, exothermic reaction. This reaction also occurs with fiberglass and carbon fiber. The heat released may cause serious burns[29] or release irritating white smoke. Material Safety Data Sheets for cyanoacrylate instruct users not to wear cotton (jeans) or wool clothing, especially cotton gloves, when applying or handling cyanoacrylates testet it and it works. super bond on soft plastic and non-food plastic..
  6. Yellow orange white (new flash I need to learn how to use it) pour the plasticisol on powder not the opposite
  7. OIR

    one piece mold

    just for the fun of it...D&D Dice lead
  8. OIR

    Boom Shad

    jpg 34- 45 -47 https://vk.com/market-141948455
  9. OIR

    one piece mold

  10. OIR

    shallow screws tool

    long story short : no
  11. OIR

    shallow screws tool

    update: a hole in the bottom so you can use a long wire and a cut in the top
  12. OIR

    web site editing

    https://uk.pcmag.com/web-site-hosting-services/42131/guide/the-best-website-builders-of-2018 https://www.youtube.com/results?sp=CAJCBAgBEgA%253D&search_query=connect+live+with+my+website
  13. OIR

    Which plastic to start with?

    a mix of firm from https://lure-solutions.co.uk/ and http://lurefactors.co.uk/ soft lure-solutions got a acid smell like but it goes away after a few days lure factors got the plastic smel..but stays a long time (15-30 days) made a mix ...(the firm was realy firm) af the two and got the best 50/50 mix: nice smell and it goes away after 3-4 days firm ..but not to firm clear and doesn't yellow after many reheat.
  14. OIR

    Getting Molds Made

    http://baitmold.com/custom-bait-molds/ well ask first what type of file they are using . you can get many converter free on the web but as a plasma cutter I get a lot of files that I have to correct and it costs work time that the customer has to pay