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  1. Thermoplastic (polymer) Beads (toystore/ebay/hobby shop) 10-20 sec i microwave in a silicone cup (I do try many things...sometimes it works...sometime it burns) and ..yes it is hot/sticky plastic so be carefull.
  2. made of the most crapy leftovers plastisol..and now its all sparkels and shiny after a dip. next job it to make a smaller and fast swap tool out of it.
  3. the easy fix is boil em to get the bend out. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=boil+soft+bait
  4. Cab Softbait Paint (made for soft bait) Vallejo (shake well) createx (good for a starter or pro) https://vk.com/luresoftfishing (soft bait forum and sell)
  5. silicone do not stick to plastisol (but some china bait F... up the silicone..it never get hard)
  6. brand of paint.! filter.! are you new to it.!
  7. Vaseline is easy to remove : boiling hot water
  8. well my first try was a Cake Straight Spatula but the air bubbles were trapped beneath. the second attempt was with a large piece of stainless steel..still air bubbles the last attempt was that i had cut iron so i have paper under the mold so why not try it (I notice that the plasticsol drops from the mold do not stick to paper..! )
  9. overfilled the mold and put a piece of paper and a heavy weight on top cut it clean .(Surgical Scalpel Blades Carbon Steel 10# + Scalpel Knife Handle #3) (use heat if you need a shiny bag)
  10. OIR

    Uv eyes

  11. OIR

    Shrimp mold

    https://bugmolds.com/soft-lure-molds/bait-molds/v675 https://bugmolds.com/soft-lure-molds/bait-molds/v513
  12. https://www.ebay.com/usr/bekateq?_trksid=p2047675.l2559 The Ultimate Crystal Clear Cast Resin, 2 kg Epoxy Resin + 1 Harder, Transparent (As long as you use a weight to measure, all epoxy is very trouble-free)
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