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  1. made from a cheap 1 mm Silicone Non Stick Kitchen Baking Sheet no sticky but may be to thick for the tail...later I will try some 500 x 500mm Clear Silicone Rubber Sheet Pad 0.3 mm from ebay.
  2. (I do use 2 clamps per mold) for a wide shape I can use one on each side (made from 10x100x100 mm black steel and a short weld on the back)
  3. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=RETRIEVER+HARD+BAIT+AND+SOFT+LURE+SAVER+ got a lot of DIY. like this one:
  4. Mustad Swimbait Hook 1/4 6/0 3ct PHO ebay/amazon :Mustad Power Lock Plus
  5. OIR


    I remelt em to cubes
  6. 800 W+ microwave rotating the higher inside the better..most pyrex are tall
  7. I use a simpel paper napkin as membrane
  8. Quick Coupling powder bed
  9. OIR


    https://issuu.com/search?q=fishing soft bait https://issuu.com/tom3591/docs/do-it-catalog-2019
  10. OIR

    Injector orings

    NBR Heat Resistant O-rings
  11. im starting to make one myself out of a chopping board on spikes where I have drawn threads in the feet of the air pump so its stuck to the board and transmits vibration to the cup ( later I will try springs as feet) the air comes from the bottom center not from the side and i have laid a rounded cotton layer (It is just plain cotton not the pads you can get) under a filter the filter is pressed out of a vacuum cleaner bag (so it is 2 layers) the powder paint it expands good in the cup and got no valcano and the powder paint: cheap hand blender and bowl run the powder paint for 30 min. . the final one gets a JBL ProSilent air pump , I like the air pump regulator it got.
  12. 1. make first part of the mold and let it set for 3 hour , put it in the freezer (cold play-doh is more easy to remove) 2.after cleanup brush on: Liquid Release Agent Wax (Day 1) 3. day 2 add more Liquid Release Agent Wax 4. day 3 add Liquid Release Agent Wax let it set and make part 2 of the mold (:to remove play-doh put it in the freezer and let it get cold remove as much as you can and clean the first part of the mold using a nailbrush and water ) . RTV High Temperature Silicone Mould Making Rubber and Liquid Release Agent Wax (dwrplastics ebay)
  13. OIR

    making a mold

    Gelflex (145 grader C remelt/microwave ) took a master (the clear epoxy) and put it in silicone - cut it into 2 parts - and laid it down in a thin layer of silicone melt the Gelflex in microwave (300 out of 700 on the microwave setting) and poured it over mix epoxy and 50% talc and got a mold - man made a test shot note: Flexget you can remelt over and over silicone you can grind up and use as filling but I make several mistakes: 1.no time to make a good 2 part mold ( I just cut it into a 2 part) 2.forgot to heat up the silicone before I poured flexgel over it (hot vs cold) 3. vacuum the flexget to get a more clean details of the mold (just the inside) (flexgel melt together) 4.might go for the blue flexgel (its harder) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- right now I dont got time to work on gelflex and how to copy soft bait to a Injecting Soft Plastic Baits mold. ...but it works so in time I will work on it.
  14. http://www.tackleunderground.com/community/topic/20117-printed-laminated-bags
  15. OIR

    Hard Tail

    1" paper punch 6mm Metal Hole Punch Plier (look up the Reviews...some are bad made) O Rings Boilies Baits clear PETg plastic sheet 0.5mm Pellet Bait Bander Tool Cyanoacrylate 502 Super Glue (I only glue the O-ring)
  16. price is ok for the molds. webpage need a english translation You can't just send the customer to a Russian post page. high speed centrifugal stone mold.....hell no put some steel shield up one small crack in the stone...and bang.
  17. https://www.ebay.co.uk/str/dwrplastics RTV High Temperature Silicone Mould Making Rubber its fast cure (max 2 min mix and cure in 30 min)
  18. some soft bait just dissolves the silicone..had a few
  19. Yellow orange white (new flash I need to learn how to use it) pour the plasticisol on powder not the opposite
  20. OIR

    Boom Shad

    jpg 34- 45 -47 https://vk.com/market-141948455
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