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  1. Custom CNC Machinging

    Bob La Londe at CNC Molds N Stuff
  2. You can find them at Boca Bearings. Tackle Warehouse. Amazon,Com and most reel repair shops. pretty much all the companies have a listing by reel MFG. Model. size ect., and some offer upgrade kits and others offer in quantities of 10 or more at pretty good discounts. Most kits run about $30.
  3. Rod Buying Help!

    Check out some of the "inshore" rods. I have some Shimano Calcutta and Teramar rods and an older All Star rod that do an outstanding job on heavy baits like you mentioned.
  4. Seen a lot of discussion recently on upgrading bait casting reels to ceramic bearings. Anyone using them have any comments?
  5. New Member to the forum and requesting any help on a color formula to closely replicate Culprit"s Blue Moccosin Shad.