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  1. @Anglinarcher thats the place i was looking to buy from! thanks!!!!
  2. Hey there! was wondering if there is any downside to using a hard 3d eyes on a top water frog bait...or any kind of non top water swimmy baits for that matter ? my fear is that they will weigh down the bait and interfere with the intended action any input would be appreciated! thanks!
  3. Opaque colorant...duh makes sense! Lol thanks for all the replies
  4. Hi all, im just getting into this hobby of making my own soft baits, and i've got a quick question... How do you go about making a solid color worm, grub, etc like the soft baits you get with a beetlespin? all of the plastics i see are clear, and since i have no experience i can only go by my own assumption that adding colorant would simply tint the clear and i would end up with a transparent / translucent style bait rather than the solid colors like you find on a beetle spin / crappie magnet / etc ... i know these also come in the translucent colors but i cant think of another comparison to explain what im going for do they make a white plastic that you add your colors to? --- ya know, like how ya mix paint...get the white base and then add your color to taste.... or is it as simple as "add enough color to clear and it wont be translucent"? thanks for the help!
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