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  1. I just finished my master for a curly tail pull bait and trying to decide on a tie point location This will be a resin bait it will be a front heavy sinking bait using a combination of pure resin/lead bird shot poured into the drop belly location in the head. The rest of the body will be poured with a floating mix of resin/micro balloons. The goal is to have it so I can rest the lure on the bottom resting on its nose with the tail floating up so it gives almost a feeding look hook locations one at the back edge of the eye and the other in the drop section in the tail deba
  2. If you plan to stick around and contribute to the forum you will find members here welcoming hopefully you do because this place could grow into so much more if it had more regular contributors
  3. Definitely no favoritism to the regulars no worries there most winners every year only really contribute contest entries
  4. Congrats to those who won and those who contributed some awesome baits
  5. It does give an idea on some proven jerk bait actions I think a lot of people overlook jerk baits and focus on baits like cranks they can just retrieve in stead. Personally I enjoy lures that I add a lot to the action by how I retrieve them personally I like jerk baits that can be worked both fast and extremely slow are ideal. Ones that give off a lot of action with short jerks and rises or sinks really slow a lipped jerk bait design is on my to do list along with a perfecting a hybrid pull bait I am happy with. A soft tail jerk bait has been an option floating in my head too
  6. Thank you now I just need to wait a month before I can test it out on pike should have a few other new designs to add to it by then
  7. The funny thing with fisherman grading action like he did it’s mostly personal preference. Personally I believe different variations in actions shine more under different conditions and with different species with jerk baits the way to angler works the lure and the rod/line set up varies the action two personally for pike I prefer jerk baits with an erratic action on the jerk and a slow rise over back up on the pause. For brown trout I prefer a tighter action on the jerk and a almost motionless suspend on the pause. Just a personal preference for the two species for example
  8. This lure design was originally carved/molded to become a spy bait last year. I was not all that impressed with the results. After re pouring the blank with a different resin recipe it had a much nicer action as a sinking jerk/glider. Added a new paint scheme to try out on this lure too
  9. Again no help on the bottle style airbrush I use gravity fed clear coat is a preference thing it seems and they all have good and bad I have used Etex and KBS myself ETex pros easy to find, looks nice, easy to do multiple coats, durable when using multiple layers, and doesn’t smell cons must use a lure turner, if your turner jams or power goes out it becomes lopsided, must clean blank of oils of it doesn’t stick well, it’s heavy impacting buoyancy, and it can soften in the heat KBS pros no turner needed just hang your lure, thinner coat, very durable for t
  10. Started with a cheap badger and was not happy switched to an iwata neo and I am much happier
  11. That is all dependent on your market for example here where it’s mostly pike fished with swimbaits around 6inch or larger is more marketable it all depends on your market and species
  12. Hillbilly voodoo

    nightingale 1

    In the end the fish are the deciding factor on if you are doing things right. It doesn’t matter how nice we think a paint job, carving or action is if the fish don’t agree
  13. If you are drilling to install hook hangers and tie points try pouring them into your blank. Saves time and easier to make them secure just something to consider
  14. I can’t say I have noticed this issue with blanks I have poured out of alumilite while or when I tested smooth ons equivalent to it. I have not noticed it even when I have snapped the odd blank in half. Don’t ask sometimes my temper gets the best of me when a project goes wrong are you talking just damp but the bait is still solid all the way through? I may have to check a recent reject blank for this
  15. Another thanks for the contest even though most of my planned entries failed to go as planned so only one entry this year Making lots of firewood lately with prototypes that just don’t do it for me On a positive note I got a new airbrush and got some good results reworking an older design. Seems my so so spy bait makes a nice glider/jerk by changing my resin recipe and removing props lol
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