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  1. Glass guy in town gives me a deal on his cut off ends. Last time I got a 6ftx1ft and a bunch of other strips 2inch and wider of 1/8 for 5$
  2. I would agree with Anglinarcher I also find glow worked well when fly fishing for rockfish and lingcod or trolling bucktails for Lakers. I have had good results with big 50/50 white and glow clousers for lingcod
  3. Painting to appease fish is easy but to please fishermen that is another story. I am not to Dave’s black and white level but I believe contrast and patterns that make it pop are more important than life exact colour. When I had a trout farm I tested a lot of things with colour and patterns. My ponds were natural so they ranged from crystal clear to very little visibility depending on the time of year. I do believe in paying attention to what depth colours are effected and water clarity’s impact. I have also painted up two lures in the same pattern 1 in colour and the other in shades of grey. Depending on the conditions the grey lure will match or even beat the colour lure. I have done this for Lakers with a down rigger in crystal clear lakes and without a doubt some colours that make a difference depending on depth. That said stained or 100+ft it’s basically contrast of the pattern and the good old black or white lures shine Still try to make my lures look respectable and think the artistic talent displayed on lures looks awesome.
  4. There is some true artists hiding around here that make my best work look like kindergarten paint jobs
  5. Take a trick from fly tying and use stainless steel leader material. Attach one end near the eye of the hook make a loop a little wider than the hook and attach the other end to the bottom of the hook shank. I have been using this trick for single hook spinners and flies for years. Even heavy mono can work but has a short life span
  6. But just imagine how much we could confuse someone as a team your technical talk and my A.D.D ramblings that head in all directions
  7. Thanks Mark same goes for me if I can help I will. I have learned how to build baits by winging it and screwing up LOTS for the most part so I don’t always do a good job explaining how to do things or why things work. Very much a hands on builder/problem solver. TU has helped simplify some of my projects for sure But hey my mind is open to be picked even if it might lead to more confusion
  8. It sounds like tinkering on a plopper over the winter might be in order. Pike are savages and have witnessed them eat muskrats and adult teal ducks. They are one of those fish that if the bite is hot they take anything that moves. Never fished cuda but they definitely look like fun but big predators are my favourite fish to target That bait is not too bad weight wise for a big crankbait 3.7oz. I have a bulky 6.5inch bait that is similar weight. You definitely feel the action on the retrieve. When I long line with 6oz weights for lake trout with these baits you don’t want to reel in and switch baits too often The guys who fish musky with 12inch+ musky crankbaits must have a good fitness routine lol I may pick your brain this winter if a plopper gives me issues but will have to wing it on my own first just because I am stubborn like that A muskrat wake bait is another rolling around my brain
  9. I use my I phone and it’s easy got the “Click to choose files”option below where you are typing when posting. Options will appear I have just used the take photo option. Take photo and post simple hope my garble makes sense enough to help lol
  10. They look good 2 styles of bait I have never attempted. I have never even fished a plopper but not a big top water hardball fishermen. I may need to expand my horizons more and attempt a swimbait and top water. I could see a plopper being effective for pike in the canals. With the plopper do you make the tail section? Been focused on a 8inch 2 tie point crankbait that I am just trying to decide on which two tie points I like best. Problem is when I have trolled it for Lakers it has done well on all tie point options. This one I think might be the final choice but waiting to test it on pike after I finish moving The madness never ends lol
  11. When it comes to hard baits first on is carved from wood with what ever tools I think will get the job done. Bandsaw and a rasp are my main shaping tools. Then they are molded and resin poured from then on because it’s the only way I have luck replicating my lures Call me whatever you please but I just make lures that catch fish. I come up with an idea and try it. Lake trout and pike are they main species I build for
  12. Is it even possible to legally prevent a fishing lure design from getting knocked off? it seems like all lures are knocked off to some level
  13. I would be talking to a lawyer on this one
  14. Every market is different and there is not one lure style that is best. There is also those magical price points that if you exceed them you also loose most buyers and sales become extremely limited In my area you would be extremely hard pressed to sell a $200 swimbait. Even though big swimbaits work they are in low demand. Then once you exceed $40 here sales seem to be extremely low. They will just buy a lower cost lure that they know works If you only sell a small amount of high priced baits it doesn’t add up to much. Now if you add some moderate price baits that sell at the same time it can be worth while You need to know your target market and the pricing it will tolerate is what it comes down to
  15. Lots of people have big dreams but few have the ability or mind set to do it. There is also different paths that can achieve the same end goal. Some also over step their ability and loose it all where the should have played with in their means and they would have still seen a high level of success. This thread seems to lean towards mass overseas production and cheap materials to try and to get in the level of the big players in the tackle industry. If you can pull it off awesome but most would crash and burn trying This is a tough game big risk but big rewards Now that is not the only option of success. Another path I watched play out firsthand never did any of that. They built their company focused on quality and reputation. Pushed hard to build there name through marketing and created a demand for their products through fishermen’s success. The funniest part the tackle was all made in a shop in the backyard by free beer and paying their friends a few $ for their spare time. They have sold their business and bought a very high class fishing lodge now. They do well and have a comfortable relaxed lifestyle overseeing the management of their lodge They may not of become a big player top name in the industry but have built a comfortable life most fishermen would dream of Multiple ways to be successful and different levels of success.
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