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  1. Voodkaman I also have to give you credit for your ability to explain the technical aspect of lure making. It has helped improve my understanding of things as well. Unfortunately it has also sparked new ideas I have to try now lol Good news my present prototype has been moving forward without out a single hiccup because of it. In about a week it will be tested to see if the fish agree
  2. The drive to create and to catch fish with something that I thought up is why I make lures. To create action out of an object not painting is what is my focus. My paint skills are lacking really lol I would say my lure making style is completely redneck stubborn trial and error. I started messing around with building lures 25years ago. Up until I joined this forum I just had an idea and tried it. Simple tools and sand paper to make it happen . I don’t know all the fancy vortex stuff but I focused on hand carved lipless baits for a long time and picked up an understanding how a simple dip, ridge, and angle changes everything I have built a lot of rejects(with the knowledge that can be found here I could probably fix them) and some that worked amazing. My biggest problem was I could not duplicate them. Recently switching to resin pouring is solving my issues. Unfortunately some amazing one off lures I could not duplicate in the past are lost to the fish or snags Unfortunately I find it difficult to explain how to make things move and how to cause multiple points on a lure fight eachother to create different actions and I don’t always understand why it works lol
  3. I like it I get to do some shooting and solve my problem Win Win
  4. So working on a new design for Lakers and pike its turning out really good action wise. Right now it’s just a wooden prototype but will be moulded and future baits will be poured. I am thinking about adding a rattle when I start pouring them. My thought is to throw some BB’s in a plastic or metal tube and plug either end. Then suspend it in the mould First time adding a rattle and can’t decide if a metal or plastic tube is better? Louder or better attractant I can’t be the first to think of this
  5. There we go someone smarter then me has arrived
  6. I pour pure resin layer for the belly and then a second layer balloon/resin mix. I don’t use any lead but instead just increase the size of the pure resin layer vs balloon/resin layer till I get the my bait to sit where I want in the water column. Note you results and you can repeat all future baits
  7. Personally I use the same resin micro balloon ratio(would have to check my notes) I use for my floaters and just increase my ballast pure resin layer till I get what I am looking for way too many factors with hook/hardware and lure shape to give you a ratio that would work without trial and error I don’t doubt the knowledge here and there are those with way more experience then me but you might be stuck experimenting
  8. I got my hands on some 1/8 lexan for free that is scuffed and ugly but will be good for prototypes. Strength is important when trolling for lakers because they do get smashed off the bottom at times and there is some lakers in the 30lbs+ range here. Biggest my friend caught last year was 54lbs I will try pining with wire and epoxy attaching and 1/8 lip first. If it can survive 8hrs on the down rigger and a few lakers it will pass if not I will need to beef it up thanks again
  9. Thanks I am looking at just getting a sheet of Lexan so I can just cut multiple lip styles to test. More my style then pre cut lips. I am sucker for doing things the hard way lol
  10. Most of my designs are lipless and the few lipped baits I have played with were metal. I have a few designs in my head I want to figure out and would like to go Lexan(or maybe another material if there is a suggestion) not metal The first design I want to work out the bugs on is 5-6 inch, line tie to body not lip, and will be use for pike/lakers What thickness of Lexan would you recommend? With the cost of Lexan and the fact I live in no where land and need to order everything I can’t easily get my hands materials to test things. So it would be nice to be on the right track for material thickness before I start experimenting with the size and shape of bill
  11. My painting is ok far from the level of some here Myself hands on is the only way. Get some scrap and practice
  12. Lots of big lakers in my neck of the woods and have had them trash baits. Also use some of my laker baits for spring salmon(kings if your American) Myself all my spinners made for lakers are with .041. Average fish are in the lakes I fish 10#-15# but giants over 50# Don’t be afraid to go big with spinners for lakers. If you look in the gallery you can find a pic of some I make. I have had 2# lakers take these with ease
  13. Only five is hard to choose when you target a lot of different species 1) kamlooper spoon yellow/silver and red spots. Caught every species of trout/char that swims along with pike and coho salmon. Not always the top producer but seems to catch a fish even on the toughest days. Plus they are heavy enough to cast or jig 2) Blue fox vibrax spinner pink with a silver blade. Trout/char/salmon just seem to eat it 3) 3 inch white twister tail grub jig combo. Bull trout, lake trout, largemouth, smallmouth, walleye, pike, rockfish, burbot, and lingcod all fall victim to it 4) beadhead woolly bugger orange bead, black, and a little purple flash. Bass, trout, arctic grayling, walleye, salmon, and crappie all go for it 5) Sinking rapala in firetiger. Predator fish just like it So many good lures, so many species, and so many different situations having to choose only 5 lures is evil lol
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