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  1. 2018 Coolest Lure Contest Results!

    Congrats to the contest winners Some great entries overall
  2. Soft Plastic Bait Ball

    A little off topic but has anyone noticed increased success fishing these baitball style baits? I have always been under the impression fish target 1 minnow our of the school at a time and for this reason I ? If this bait style is more so to target fishermen. Not trying to highjack but my curiosity is getting the best of me
  3. jointed predator fly

    Jointed predator fly I use for pike and bull trout marabou and polar chenille body wire and bead joint for max movement rabbit strip pectoral fins rabbit strip for bleeding gills ice dub uv pearl and cone head with eyes for head tied on 3/0 Daiichi salmon hook and fish skull articulated shank
  4. Alumilite white compatibility with styrofoam

    Keeping foam in place will be simple with a through wire design kid made me sick so might be a bit before I get motivated to go to my shop
  5. Alumilite white compatibility with styrofoam

    Well it’s cheap enough I will give it a try and see what happens worst case it ends up in the reject bin and I don’t do it again lol
  6. Alumilite white compatibility with styrofoam

    Thank you for the research You have gone above and beyond what I would have ever experienced
  7. Alumilite white compatibility with styrofoam

    Your wife sounds way more polite then mine lmao
  8. Alumilite white compatibility with styrofoam

    If I can pour alumilite whjte over the alumilite foam it opens possibility Roto mold won’t work do to design and intended placement of foam The price of unconventional designs and thought lol I seem to cause myself these problems often. Some experimenting and trail and error is in my future I see it now. The reject bin is going to get some new lures lol
  9. Alumilite white compatibility with styrofoam

    Thanks again will have to call was wanting to add a foam core so I had more control over the point of floatation
  10. D6E27FBE-E4A1-4878-9E52-1B99543B672D.jpeg

    Lipless minnow fresh out of the mold
  11. Alumilite white compatibility with styrofoam

    Anyone know if alumilite white eats styrofoam?
  12. Twitchbait what am I doing wrong

    For testing weight location and the amount I use elastic bands to hold weight in place
  13. Don’t judge your lures let the fish do that Pretty does not catch fish only fishermen
  14. Looking for Shad Heads for In-Line Spinner

    When it comes down to it you can always result to making your own mold and pour them Sometimes it’s the only way to make the lure in your head
  15. 3D printing?

    The methode you suggested have you tried it with a 2 piece mold? if so did you have any issue with sides not matching up ?