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  1. Hard to find hair?

    You won’t find an exact match but it’s comonly subbed with bucktail, yak, and a number of synthetics
  2. Duck season

    So 3-8inch baitfish/predator flies I have not targeted these species but predator species are my fav to target so might fav a pattern or two that you would like. Duck feathers for this style of tying I use for fins and highlight points i will try to do some tying over the next few days and post them with recipes i guess knowing what species of duck you have feathers from could be useful lol
  3. trollingbait.jpg

    Nice I could see this doing well for lakers on a down rigger as well
  4. Duck season

    Striper what species do you target on the fly? knowing this I may be able to give you some more uses for duck feathers personally I use them in many different ways from insect to baitfish patterns
  5. Hard to find hair?

    You are correct and those properties are the reason it’s a prized material
  6. Dubbing

    As a kid I got in trouble more then once from trimming the dog lol created a great sea run cutthroat fly from that dog. Come December every year it got a trim never did find a good substitute. I miss that dog lol
  7. Dubbing

    Yup it works I have done it and know many others who have fairly common actually Really if you can tie it on a hook you can use it. In my years of tying I have used chocolate bar wrappers, cat hair, and all kinds of crazy things you are only limited by your imagination my friend
  8. Thanksgiving

    Little late for us north of the border lol To those enjoying thanksgiving to the south I hope it’s a good one

    I am in northern BC so I understand your issue. Bath tub can give you an idea for shallow running baits. Deep diving I resort to driving down to the ferry terminal where they have bubblers keeping an ice free channel Often in the winter if I make a proto type it sits alone till things thaw Winter is making pre tested designs or ice fishing gear mostly

    In the end the only way to know you have made a great bait is let the fish be the judge Like stated above I too have created lures that look amazing action wise and paint wise to myself but the fish think otherwise

    Myself I am OCD about creating an action over pretty so guess I am an inavator lol I work long hrs stuck in trucks or equipment so my mind is non stop thinking about how to create new lures Probably have about 20 designs in my head I need to build and tinker with
  12. Hard to find hair?

    So true you can substitute for synthetic and still make productive flies but some of the properties of polar bear hair make it superior last time I got polar bear hair from my taxidermist buddy it was a 50lbs bag. As soon as I made it know I had extra I would part with it was gone with 24hrs It is highly prized for salmon flies here in BC
  13. Hard to find hair?

    This is correct I am in Canada so no issue here My buddies is a taxidermist so I get all kinds of stuff for free including polar bear hair. Tried to send polar bear hair south once and it never made it
  14. Tying hackle on a Rooster tail shaft?

    If I remember correctly with rootertails the hackle is tied on top of a build up of thread causing it to flare more I am away from home for work but when I get home in a few days I will look at a rooster tail and figure it out I don't make rooster tails but I make other dressed lures and I am a talented fly tier so I will have it figured out as soon as I put a rooster tail in my hand and look at it if no one solves your issue I will have the answer for you in a few days
  15. Duck season

    I don't follow patterns and just tie so hard to make suggestions. Duck feathers have many uses from small trout flies to large predator patterns Best advice is just sit down at your vice and see what you can come up with In the past I tied for a number of guides and they wanted my flies because they were original and often out produced known patterns