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  1. For the trout the sharpie was my favorite of the methods suggested
  2. Welcome to the forum more of a builder than a painter myself but there is some members who are true artists on here ton of information if you search the forum too
  3. I think both of us were thinking you mold had bubbles with the plastisol aspect I am will have to bow out and lay someone more knowledgeable help you there
  4. If you are talking about bubbles in the silicon mold there is one thing that definitely helps. When pourIng your mold only cover your master with a thin layer of silicone and stop. You will be able to actually see the bubbles form an pop. This only takes a few minutes to pass then you will be able to continue pouring. it makes a big difference and I kick myself every time I rush and forget this step. When I do this with a master that was clear coated master I get an extremely smooth mold cavity. You will still have bubbles in the rest of the mold
  5. What kind of action are you getting out of this lure? i assume the wedge shoulders help it dive but do you get any wiggle out of it ? different design for sure
  6. Way too many joints I would have lost at least two if I attempted that build lol
  7. You need to catch a fish on that
  8. Thanks it was an interesting build and went through a few designs before settling on this one
  9. In the end the fish are the final judge. It will be about a month before I can give it a good test on pike as is stands I like it but fish don’t always agree with me
  10. bath tub test looks good but need to test it on the rod still. the ugly prototype was tested at the river and worked so have faith the pretty version should be good
  11. This is a top water design I have been working on that was inspired by the Australian surface paddlers used for Murray cod
  12. So after all they messing around with different ideas I have settled on this design. This is my first fully finished surface paddler.
  13. I gave the sharpie a try a few days ago and it works well I have actually found all the advice in this thread beneficial and adapted to different patterns.
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