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  1. My opinion is always let the fish be the judge because the end goal is to catch fish. Created many lures that look awesome to me but the fish don’t agree lol The jig in your pic is a variation that will have a thinner profile than the one I posted. There is nothing wrong with that because depending on the forage in the area or the mood of the fish is what will dictate what lure profile is best There is a reason I make and fish with a ton of different lures because a good fishermen adapts their lures to the conditions they are fishing I have tied lots of flies/lures with natural feathers. It’s a matter of colour and if they move in the water the way you want. I am an avid hunter, ex trapper and good friends with a big taxidermist so I have all kinds of odd materials in my kit If I heard right you cannot possess feathers from birds of prey in the US so might want to check this before trying any. Different laws here in Canada so I am not 100% on it
  2. Good advice Dave I think I mentioned in this thread or some other about using a system wear I used different lexan tails. I did that with my old paddle tail lures. Nothing fancy just two small eye screws is how I secured them for testing
  3. Congrats at making it work. In my opinion having an idea and making it move is what lure making is about
  4. Never fished them on a drop shot but I have used zonker patterns just like that on my fly rod . Caught smallmouth, largemouth, walleye, pike, coho, bull trout, cutthroat, crappie, perch, and lake trout on flies just like these in a mix of sizes and colours. If they don’t work on a drop shot just change your presentation and they will work they are tied nice and clean too good work
  5. Looking at the pic I am wondering if the problem is poorly installed eye screws or a poorly sealed lure with this being the failing point I have made a lot of lures for lake trout and salmon that get fished at depths exceeding 200ft without issues. Nothing fancy is needed with the clear coat to withstand these depths. The only issues are from hook rash and teeth the issue is not depth related but instead poor construction or poorly applied clear coat or a substandard product used for clear/sealing. Looking at the pic I am assuming eye screws were installed without a pilot hold followed by water penetrating the wood do to failed clear coat
  6. But does it catch fish
  7. Charts seem to vary a little but follow the principle of the video LHL posted. It gives a good visual. Neon colours also hold longer. water clarity and waves on the surface play a roll because it’s all light penetration When I am fishing lake trout where depths are 50-250ft white, black, purple, blue, green, yellow and contrast matters. Same principles apply for dirty water fishing The funny thing is when I bring someone fishing and ope a box of lures for them to fish it’s almost never a top producing pattern. They always go for the most life like or elaborate. I am a big believer in how depth/water clarity effects colour and contrast. Fishermen who buy or use my lures don’t seem to lol
  8. I forgot all about this thread I still have not seen my old boot tail design. I really need to clean my shop an lure room lol
  9. When I used to fly fish bass it was mostly largemouth because I had to travel a few hours to catch smallmouth. foam lip style flies definitely work just did not use them much because of weeds where I fished. It was mostly sloughs where you were fishing pockets where you only had a 5-10ft retrieve before casting again. Bass in general I find are not that picky and was more about getting it in their ambush zone hard to really judge you fly by the pic angle but it looks different then what I used to use
  10. Made lots of similar style flies over the years and yes bass, pike, and bull trout eat them. its just another big jointed streamer in my opinion. But I don’t believe in chasing patterns and instead tie according to forage or a style of movement Probably caught more bass on a wholly bugger style fly with barbell eyes and rubber legs then any other fly I have used
  11. Slightly tighter but similar yet different if that makes any sense lol
  12. Wide wiggle and dove to about 4-5ft on a steady retrieve. On a twitch style retrieve about 2-3ft I have faith it would have gotten bit if I did not snag it up so fast
  13. Less than ten casts and the lake claims it before catching one fish
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