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  1. I have never fished musky but pike are definitely fun. If you get a chance to fish somewhere with big pike do it When they are on they are definitely aggressive. I watch my buddy hook and loose the same pike over a dozen casts in a row. I have seen them jump out of the water and grab a bait dangling a foot above the water. Lots of other crazy things too. But I have also watched big pike sit there and refuse everything you could throw at them My buddy is trying to convince me to make a muskrat size wake bait but I told him not till I finish my present projects
  2. Dave completely understand the whole over complication issues we just have different ways of going about it
  3. I can screw things up like a champ but I also learn from mistakes and pretty good about not repeating them
  4. So was I for 6 years it’s not from a lack of skill
  5. Good to know how long would you recommend waiting to de mold a large swimbait with RTV?
  6. Ok I have never pour soft plastics but I have an interest because I enjoy fishing swimbaits. I have no interest in buying molds because I want to create my own swimbaits What I am thinking is I want to try making my own open pour mold and test it out by melting down some old soft plastics to pour. Yes I am thinking of try a cheap redneck test to see what I think of the process I have seen molds made out of plaster. I also have smooth on mold max 30 on hand has anyone made an open pour using this before? Any advice before I blindly redneck my way through this
  7. I have that belt/drum sander combo it does come in handy and does not take up too much space
  8. Thanks Dave I will look into that option As of last night I have a template/guide being 3D printed to test with a laminate trimmer.
  9. We probably are doing things similar I just don’t own a disk sander. In most case it works fine.
  10. Speed is not the issue here Your method is fine for my coffin shape and square bill’s but starting getting into the top water project I am working on and it won’t work. I am cutting almost a butterfly shape out of lexan and you cannot shape it on a beltsander or a drum properly Presently laminate trimmer with a jig is the most likely option. This is much faster, more precise and versatile then both our present methods. The laser cutter I am choosing to see how it works for another first
  11. Been using a bandsaw and a belt sander already. This method also has its limitations as well when you go to some non conventional shapes. Yes it works in most cases but I would benifit from a better system in multiple ways
  12. And I would say you are pretty good about passing on the knowledge you have gained as well
  13. Learning does not make you a hack at all. We all started somewhere and have all made ugly lures and failures with action. I still do at times lol. I can tell you myself and many on this forum are willing to help you learn as well. I can paint but not to the level of some here. I am more interested in the action. If you ever need help bringing one of your pencils to life ask I bet you will be met with help and no judgment Too many are heated over competition in their painting market and are forgetting that if you are in business finding out how to stand out from your competition is part of the game I am of the mindset I don’t worry about another’s hobby or business because it’s not mine to worry about I actually find these threads funny in a sick way
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