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  1. All I have around is a few with defects but here is one. I have posted this design before but never mentioned the action.This design may go the way of the dodo because it is not as effective as others designs with lower material costs I have another old prototype with a less aggressive version of the action as well personally I won’t be building anymore lures in this style of action because after plenty of testing it’s a meh action compared to others. It does catch lakers though and fairly consistently
  2. @Curt - RIYour a good man thanks for investing your time to maintain things around here May I suggest if possible add an erase function so members that exceed their limit of pics can clear out some old ones if one exists and I am just not tech savvy enough let me know how
  3. There is the last steps a little late but there you go lol
  4. @Curt - RI just tried again and it says I can only upload 1.6mb. When looking at my attachments in my profile it says I am at 96% Thanks for the response
  5. If you can post a video of a lure with the rolling action you are looking for it would be helpful. if it’s what I am thinking I have a few sitting in my lure room I built that do exactly what you are looking for. It has very little wiggle but tips heavy side to side.
  6. The how lips/bills work thread is another good one Weighting varies depending on the body shape, material, hardware, and desired depth. Basic principle for a crankbait is weight it so it sits level or front slightly down as for your “rolling” action again not a cut and dry answer and not 100% on your goal. It will also very depending on it you looking for a gentle roll or sharpe fast action. Depth is another factor. a shallower fast action I would Be going with a square bill on a 45+ degree angle. That is is I understand what you are looking for I have built lots of lures and yes I can throw together a lure with respectable action no problem but to create something really good means trail and error I credit my ability to build lures with good action to the fact I built lots of meh lures learning over the years. Don’t expect it to come easy. There is basic principles to lure building but there is a lot that varies between each design
  7. Hillbilly voodoo


    Look good your shape in the end reminds me of a cross between a Canadian wiggler and a kwik fish
  8. Can’t type out an explanation right now getting ready for work soon but it’s not the body. The tail doesn’t wag the dog. The only thing the banana shape does is generate lift to the back end which helps create a wider wiggle
  9. I knew the lazy Ike was wood at one point but not the flat fish. Most lures were plastic by the time I started paying attention. I am old enough to have some grey hair but not old enough to be over the hill yet Back in the days when I refused to build lures with added lips. I built lots of wooden banana style baits. But never copied any models. That curved body style has followed over into some of my lipped baits these days .The principles I mentioned in this thread are what I used
  10. This one drives me crazy because if it was in my hands it would take me less than a minute to figure it out lol A little tip to odd shaped baits is don’t over think the body and focus on the angle of the lip/face that catches the water. That is the most important because that is what creates the action. The body angle is not that important. The weight and buoyancy of the body has more impact then it angle. The kwik fish is designed so the fat ends buoyancy will counter the less buoyant front end. Remember built with plastic the lip would sink and the air cavity in the fat end is buoyant hope this makes sense I am still half asleep lol PS going by memory the kwik fish sits about 2/3 in the water lip down. When the bait is floating the hook hangers should create a relatively straight level line. I am pretty sure you’re tie point should be a little closer to the tip of the lip. Hope some of my half asleep ramblings make sense. Its easy for me to build but trying to type out how to do it is way harder for me
  11. Half asleep at work just noticed I forgot to consider the buoyancy of the wooden lip vs being plastic. The weight will be more forward nightshift messes up my train of thought. I will be smarter in 5days lol
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