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  1. Thanks Wayne I am going to keep low expectations with a goal of only generating a few extra $. I won’t be dreaming of this being my primary income. I will definitely give it a good go. Been building molds so I have enough to keep things productive already. I also have to improve my lure turner set up and painting station to increase the numbers I can accomplish at a time. Just making sure I have things in order so I provide reliable service once I start. Things will be easier once I move from my present middle of nowhere 1500 people town to my new location that is much closer to larger hubs lol In the middle of all this I still managed to design an 8inch bait in similar style to one of my very productive baits with a little tweaking. Just need to mold it and come up with the resin recipe that will carry the action over from the wooden prototype. I am liking this one and I think it will be a good candidate to send your way this fall John
  2. Hope your plan B gets better results Dave I still have some tweaking to do with my special projects. The few designs I will be starting with are 100% my own but not ground breaking in my opinion. There is promise in 2 designs that are versatile and just straight up catch fish. I just see it wise to test a smaller market before I think larger production. Not getting excited with hope of quitting my day job yet
  3. Thanks for the input I have operated 2 customer service based business in the past and agree with the customer issues that can arise. Been selling flies and in-line spinners at a small level for a long time on the side but not my hard baits or at the level I am planning on pushing for. I think I will stick to 3-4 hard bait designs to start and add others if I see it needed or feasible
  4. That is something most don’t understand sponsorship does not mean free stuff. It’s a contract that both parties benefit from and if you cannot offer a service you don’t qualify to be sponsored To the OP I could easily contact friends in tackle companies but I would never do so without it being worth their effort. Sponsor me I have a YouTube channel is not going to cut it
  5. I assume you are a fisherman looking to be sponsored maybe tell people what you have to offer in exchange for sponsorship for starters
  6. My wife has one of these as well I may have to give it a try
  7. Alumilite and smooth on sell Silicone Mold material you can use to make a mold. Alumilite sells another material you can use to make injection moulds as well I have not tried them because I have not taken the leap into soft plastics yet. I have used the silicone mould for hard baits with good results though take a look into the two options and see if one works for you
  8. Welcome there is a no lack of different styles of hard bait makers and more here and a good amount of knowledge comes with it
  9. I decided this winter to start putting in effort to sell some of my hard baits but need to control my mayhem first. I have a problem of always trying to create something new or tweaking designs I have made so I have a bunch of proven designs. I pour my blanks and build my own lips so it’s not simply assembling like my wire baits and flies. Out side of basic hardware nothing is interchangeable. I am realizing I need to pick a set number of models and focus on them or things will be a mess So for those who sell custom hard baits as a side business what do you find is your magic number of hard bait models to keep things running smooth? I will likely keep 2-3 of my wire baits in the mix as well
  10. Cheap little bandsaw lots of options keep an eye out for used even. I do touch mine up on the belt sander as well
  11. Should be able to come up with something that will do the trick. I have been playing with the idea of a larger design so this just gives me an excuse to put the idea to work good luck on the water
  12. What size crankbaits do you normally run? troll or cast? colours? This might give me an excuse to tweak one of my designs names John by the way
  13. Definitely interested in a swap but might have to delay the timing for later in the fall because I will likely be moving from BC to Alberta come September. Once I get settled into my new place we will have to work something out As for colour I fish a lot of different waters between BC and Alberta so it varies. When I fish lake trout I also take note of what colours are actually seen according to the depths I am fishing White, Black, fluorescent green/yellow, different shades of green/yellow, blue, purple, silver, and a mix of colour for highlights. For the most part I can find somewhere a fish will eat any colour My memory sucks so if we have not sorted this out by October remind me
  14. Wayne you are more likely to be making baits similar to what I do and odds are mine could be applied as smaller musky lures. These crankbaits are 5.5 and 7.25 inches geared to lake trout and pike. With fairly wide lips coffin style and kind of heart shape lip are the two I am testing. They have two tow points so action and depth adjusts a little. One day I need to head east for musky definitely a bucket list fish Dave tow points and lip angle are part of what is being played with between these two designs No issue figuring out the adjustments needed to achieve my goal depth it’s accuracy and efficiency of my testing I wish to improve. Thanks again guys John
  15. I will keep that in mind and see if it applies to my crankbaits when I test them
  16. Thanks guys looks like there is no mythical easier way but hey a man can dream
  17. Are you saying run the lure through know depths till it makes bottom contact?if so this is my present method but can be a pain to find suitable spots in my are do to weeds/snags or extreme drop offs. If you’re talking a different method could you explain
  18. Dave if you build that device I want one No dice on comparing to an all ready exsisting bait my stuff is a little oddball sounding like the old school method still stands
  19. Anyone have a trick for figuring out a crankbaits depth? Outside of the take it to the lake and try to get a reasonable guess on the depth it bottoms out. This is more of an issue with deep divers
  20. BC best potential market for lure style you are working on would be Lake trout, bull trout, and large predatory rainbows. Depth is really not an issue because it is common to use down riggers, trolling weights, and other tricks to get down to the depths between 50-200ft. Nothing dives to the depths these fish are targeted without help. Crankbaits are harder to break into the market because the fishing culture is more prone to spoons or plugs like Tomics and flatfish but some crankbaits are taking hold Alberta you now add pike, walleye, and brown trout to the species I listed for BC. Alberta’s fishing culture already commonly uses crankbaits. This is the part of the country I know best In Canada lake trout, pike, and walleye are found across the country and popular species. Different trout species as well but popularity varies. Bass are still popular in eastern Canada where they are more common With the rough idea I have on the lure your working on potential beyond bass is possible just by adjusting the size and popular colours. Don’t mind my overthinking it’s a bad habit of mine
  21. I am no help with the bass market. We do have them in western Canada and nice ones but they are often viewed as an invasive pest. I will fish them at times in southern BC but it’s not popular. Bass tackle is a huge market but also the most competitive. Will be a tough go hear in my opinion but if you pull it off it could be good
  22. Need to find away to get fishermen talking is the trick. I played a bit of a roll in the lure that was re launched that I mentioned in my earlier post. I actually had to get the fish to bite the lure for underwater footage because he sucked as a fisherman If you reach the point of marketing and considering Canada I can offer the small amount of knowledge I have As for your cottage industry if I ever reach the point on needing real production I will keep you in mind. Right now I would be happy enough if I could step things up beyond extra pocket change
  23. Production costs in western Canada are brutal. Truth of the matter is I would also need to switch to more productive methods as well. Myself when it comes to selling lures or flies that I do I focus on building/tying for fish species that command highest prices/profit per sale. There is lures/flies that I can make but the profit margins the market will allow are too low so I don’t Completely respect where you’re coming from with wanting to provide something positive to your community. As for marketing it is easier issue than it might seem but it takes the right personality and good connection help. There is certain markets I just would not attempt myself
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