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  1. hello, i search for pre tied skirt 7" up to 10" for musky/pike spinnerbait i have see on lurepartonline but i would like to have more choice. Thanks in advance
  2. @dpalinsk I guess shipping cost between Canada and Switzerland will be very expensive :/ @JD_mudbug Thanks a will check this , I hope i will find find some other shape / weight too
  3. Thanks for your link Perhaps I must add a picture for a better understanding I look for this kind of jerkbait : But i keep this link for the future
  4. Hello, I look for a shop where I can buy some big unpainted jerkait for pike/muskie. Someone have website to advice me ? Thanks in advance
  5. Thanks for anwser I want to make some spinner bait between 1 up to 3 oz For start i want to assembling them (perhaps painting not sure) So I need all parts and allready mold head because I don't want to melt lead myself.
  6. Hello First at all sorry for my bad english this is not my mother tongue . I want to start to make my first spinnerbaits for pike/musky (between 1 and 3 oz) and I search the best place to buy parts. I know lurepartsonline.com But i would have to have more option Must have international shipping because I live in Europe. Thanks in advance for your help I think I have find a good community and i can grab a lot of advices
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