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  1. Hello, I attempted to build a few lures that were previously in production. The end result was alot of wasted time and money. Given my busy schedule and growing family I would be willing to pay someone to work with me to build a lure. I have the originals so it should not be too hard. I look forward to any help
  2. tarponchaser305

    Lure Maker Wanted

    I am looking for someone who can assist me in producing some twitch/glide baits. I have an original and need it to be reproduced. Many thanks
  3. Can you use vaseline to prevent the two halves of a mold from sticking together.
  4. Wondering if it is necessary to use a digital scale for mixing silicone. I am planning on using Alumilite HS2
  5. I actually have a few originals. What would one use. I thnk that they were made of balsa wood?
  6. Is anyone familiar with these wonderful lures? Anyone ever had any success reproducing them?
  7. Anglin Archer Thank you so much for your quick reply
  8. Hello all I am quite new to this! I would be grateful for any comments on my plan. My intention is to create heavy/sinking twitch baits for Tarpon and Snook. The baits I am trying to mimic are Mirrolures and Bagley Mullets. From what I have learned to so far, my plan is as follows. 1- Create a two piece mold using synthetic clay an d Alumilite high strength 2. 2- Create a through wire body with weight attached. I will use Brass Wire and the lure will consist of line slot, belly hook and tail hook. 3- Cast lue using RC-3 Black as this is the color I am looking for 4- Sand and coat with Alumi UV Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated. Do I need to use Microballoons as it will be a sinking lure? With the weight being attached on the through wire - would it be best for it to be added infront/behind or on both sides of the belly hook. Many thanks any help would be greatly apprecaited
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