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  1. If anyone has questions feel free to send me an email. contact@hotrunnermachines.com
  2. Thanks bud!!! I already got contacted by a couple people asking me to build them. I work at a shop with Haas machines so this project was not that difficult. I sold the single color machine to a customer and he is beyond happy with the system and has already done thousands of lures with it.
  3. I wanted to share some pics of my custom 2 color machine i recently built. I originally started with a single pot setup and then decided to double it up and add insulation. The original single setup had a hand crank that i decided had to go and added the motors. I designed the system to be fully scale able with bigger pots and with a modular concept. The valve system is beyond smooth and doe's not use any external o-rings!!!
  4. I like the idea. Any updates on the project?
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