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  1. Tournament Strong

    Ika Mold

    I am looking for an IKA mold that I can heavily modify.
  2. Robbor, my name is Randy I live in Ontario and I am just getting into spin casting my baits (soft plastic). I have been producing my own baits for decades. I also inject and some hand pour. Being a tool and die maker I have produced a lot of my own molds but i don't have a reliable CNC shop to produce my spin molds. Do you have a reliable shop? Thanks Randy ipsenconnect@mail.com
  3. I am wanting to try the LBS shad mold made by CNC molds and stuff. I here it is good replica of a real threadfin shad but know one has figured out a good way to rig them. I think I have a proper way to rig them. I have new okuma helios reels I would trade for molds. Reels are $200 at tackle warehouse. Thanks Randy
  4. Mark, thanks for the tip I will try that.
  5. Do you have a couple more for sale?
  6. It was you. I started to teach a guy to pour and he ripped me off for my molds. I have to fight him in court. He thought he could hold me ransom for half my business. Meanwhile I have to get more molds. Thank You, Randy Ipsen Tournament Strong
  7. Who makes an IKA mold (or just the body). I have two molds that are 8 cavities, but I don't know who made them. I bought them from someone on this site. Thank You for any help you can give me. Randy, Tournament Strong
  8. What is the money on both the single and two color machines? Thanks Randy Ipsen Tournament Strong
  9. Hi ya Mavric, I am a tool and die maker in California and like craftsmanship. I have one of a kind baits and my new baits are going to be injected. Tournament Strong started out hand pouring for some of the best finesse anglers in the world. Now I am converting some of my favorite hand pour baits to injected. So Mavric I need a price for a single and a double. Thank You, Randy Ipsen Tournament Strong
  10. I am looking for four inch or four and a half inch skirt molds. If anyone has these and are will to part with them please contact me. Thank You!
  11. As for the color look at a jar of honey and that's it. I was hoping someone had already made it. I have done a lot of experimenting and ended up with a gallon of blackercracker.
  12. I have a lake that really likes honey colored big worms, I am having a hard time trying to figure it out. Everything we are trying is turning green. I am using lurecraft plastic (super float)and colors pouring out of presto pots no salt. If anyone can help I owe you! Thanks, Randy
  13. I am looking for molds for the chomper 4" finesse worm. If you have the molds or know where to find them please contact me.
  14. Tournament Strong

    Lee production pots

    I am in need of 2 Lee "PLASTIC" production pot 4's. If anyone has new or like new pots please contact me along with your price. Thank You, Randy
  15. Does anyone know where I might find a mold of a real shad 1.5 up to 4.0 inches?
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