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  1. Can't believe this thread has survived this long. I always weigh, add a bit of 91% Iso Alc. to achieve a thinner coat, stretch working time and have the ability to coat more baits. Have not had one fail to cure out in 35 batches, about 340 baits coated. Mix how you choose I guess.
  2. Tuna

    Cavitron Blades

    Is there a source for cavitron buzz blades? Mold for heads? Figured there are knock-offs available. They are crazy good buzz baits once you remove the stock skirts and replace with fine rubber skirts. You have to watch the weight tho.
  3. Here's the one I use. Have two. Measured three different items on both scales. Matched. https://www.ebay.com/itm/0-1Gram-Precision-Jewelry-Kitchen-Herb-Electronic-Digital-Pocket-Scale-2000g/371961704005?epid=500505603&hash=item569aa52e45:g:U2sAAOSwQ7hazUnJ
  4. You did $.02, so I'll up it a penny. Have any of you mixed your epoxy, then dumped it on aluminum foil? I know it removes bubbles from FlexCoat (rod building).
  5. Tuna

    Presenting Crankbaits

    Easels 4' each. At a show they would be tilted inward in front of a 6' table. No issues.
  6. Tuna

    Presenting Crankbaits

    Here's what I decide to use for displaying baits.
  7. Tuna

    Presenting Crankbaits

    I paint 34+ patterns on 24 different blanks. Started the hobby in late January 2018. In all, I've spent just under 1k for equipment, custom mixed from recorded recipes and indexed cheap craft paints, misc materials and 360 blanks. Did my first invitation only shows for 5 friends last week to test out my creative patterns. Sold 36. I now consider some of them better friends. Looks like my decision to do more unique but sensible patterns is paying off. Nice to see photos with lure in a bass' mouth on facebook. Need to sell about 120 more to break even. No hurry though, I like them all and if I didn't sell another it would still be worth it for the experience!
  8. I have now finished 300 baits with just 2 1/2oz of each part of Devcon 2-ton epoxy. Included in this number are 30+ spooks, sammy's and WP's. I use 2 oz. plastic cups. Place a cup on a digital postal scale and set the tare. Then weigh out 145g of hardener and 155g resin. Mix the epoxy for 30-40 seconds, then add 4ml of 91% isopropyl alcohol. Mix another 30 seconds. For application I wear a 5 mil latex glove from Harbor Freight using my index finger only. I have a small craft paint brush to hit tight spots gripping with my other fingers. Using this mix I can finish do 8-10 baits in 10 minutes depending on size. The isopropyl extends the work time also by 4-5 minutes. All baits go on a rotisserie for 30-40 minutes, then get hung to complete curing. I achieve a fairly thin coating so the blank's scales and gill plates show nicely.
  9. Tuna

    Respirator for water based paint?

    I always wear a 3M double band particle mask. Change when it 's dirty, about 150-200 baits.
  10. Tuna

    Presenting Crankbaits

    Have that covered. I wanted to display the bait samples and all the patterns out of the boxes. I'll figure something out. Thanks BobP
  11. Tuna

    Presenting Crankbaits

    I'm scheduled to do a couple of small fishing shows with my created cranks. What is the best way to present them? I've thought about an album with hi-res photos of all baits and patterns. Also thought about a plexi covered show cases that I would make. Can anyone share a display technique that seems to work for a single table? I will have one helper at each event. Thanks. BTW, all is going well with my finger applying isopropyl 91% thinned Devcon technique. For some reason the isopropyl 91% leaves a smoother leveling finish than thinning with denatured alcohol. Any bubbles are removed with a blow dryer while baits are on a rotisserie. I can generally get 9 baits done with a 300 gram batch. At this rate, I will get more than 350 blanks, 40 of which are large spook type baits, done using my set of 4oz. bottles. Have to extend my thanks once again for the inspiration and advice posted to this forum through advice, articles, recipes and photos. The Tuna Works
  12. Tuna

    How to get speckles on crank baits

    Just thin paint more than normal, turn up air pressure and pulse your trigger. Many times I accidentally splatter but like the effect on most of my baits.
  13. Tuna

    Airbrushing DIY Candy Acrylics

    Airbrushing the polycrylic-food coloring worked well. I plan to try mixing with a semi-gloss polycrylic instead since there will be less solids to dull the finish. May make them a bit more transparent.
  14. Tuna

    Apply Devcon with fingers??

    Chuck, the wide brush is working nearly as well as the finger method, plus it keeps my applying hand free for repositioning during application. I still like the finger technique since I can feel the amount I'm applying, then use the brush for touch up around hangers and tight lips. Finished 41 baits by 6:00pm yesterday. Examined many of them this morning. Great coverage and have hardened to where I could handle, but letting them cure another couple of days before starting a new painted batch.
  15. Tuna

    Cracks in Bills

    Vendor says he will send replacements.