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  1. Krylon Fusion - Prime and Topcoat

    Glad to hear it will work for base coat. Still want to try it for the finish coat. Not much odor to it either. Walmart and True Value used to carry it but have since switched to ColorMaxx, tried it, not as good as Fusion. Ace Hardware, order online for $5.99/can, pick up in store, 31 colors + clear plastic finish coat gloss. http://www.acehardware.com/search/index.jsp?view=full&kwCatId=&kw=fusion&origkw=fusion&sr=1&f=Taxonomy%2FACE%2F2568447&lmdn=Category Do It Best Hardware, order online for $5.49/can, pick up in store, 30 colors + clear plastic finish coat gloss. https://www.doitbest.com/search?utf8=✓&category_id[]=&q=krylon+fusion&button=search
  2. How about Krylon Fusion? Made in satin and gloss. A few years ago I painted three sets of vertical blinds (about 200 4" blades). Both sides of the blades were painted black, then both sides coated with my wife's color preference. This created sun blocking vertical blinds. The only prep I did was wash with light solution on Dawn dish soap, rinse and allow to fully dry. Fusion laid real nice and seems it absorbed into the plastic blades. After hanging for the past years, banging together on window open windy days we have yet to see any chipping anywhere even on the edges, no marks or damage. Passed the fingernail scratch test too! Sold on this stuff. Thought about doing a base coat with it and now maybe experimenting with as a top coat also. Clear spray link: https://www.amazon.com/Krylon-2444-Fusion-Plastic-Clear/dp/B001TNMWBM/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1510670370&sr=8-1&keywords=krylon+fusion+clear&dpID=41xtt6nMi4L&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch
  3. Accurate Scooting Craw Pattern

    Well, ok, duh. Moving baits mean reaction bites from aggressive fish. I throw topwater most of the time because of the strike and the fishing speed. I only throw cranks, not counting hard jerk baits, when I've exhausted other options including soft plastics. I'm finding it very interesting though how many techniques there are to produce nice looking hard baits. Definitely going to try airbrushing, printed wraps and hydro-painting. What is the best inexpensive "dip" for top coating hard baits? Don't want to hand brush each bait and wait for epoxy finishes to cure out. Thanks for your replies, they make sense.
  4. I wonder a couple things about craw crankbaits: I don't see many painted in accurate "match the hatch" molting stages; hard shell, peeler, mushy and leather back. The patterns reverse the direction a crawdad normally "scoots". A bass would almost always "hit" the claws and head first then turn it before ingesting. If the reversed pattern seems to work the best, why not add a bit of weight near the bait's rear eye so it would settle like a real craw, tail first, claws up in a defensive mode. Seems a guy could use a 2.5 body and paint it similar to a Koppers. I've attached close to what most older crawfish look like in our rivers, ponds and lakes in Iowa if it were in an aquarium. It would be a bit darker in its natural habitat. I've just begun to look at crankbait designing and DIY methods so just curious.
  5. Vacuform Machine For Clam Shell Style Stencils

    Great stuff Chuck! To make an accurate bait outline, just cut a bait in half and clean up edges. saw something very similar on YouTube. I like that this idea does both sides and uses binder covers easily found at an office supply store. Wondered, does it matter if you use the satin or gloss binder covers?