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  1. Have to add to this. I've been thinning D2T with isopropyl alcohol, not same luck with denatured. have coated 800+ plastic body lures during past 3 winters. I apply with a 5mil latex glove using my index finger only. i apply a bit of pressure to keep the coating thin and causes the scales to reveal. No failures that I am aware of. Here's a MB Vision 95mm KO I did a couple years back. Blue-back golden shiner. Great rip bait!
  2. The orange color and whining wouldn't work for me. Might be why they've been deeply discounted during the past 6 months. Not so long ago the Kastking Speed Demon was the rage. Good luck!
  3. Tuna

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    Craft paints! Yes!
  4. I'm usually a topwater freak and threw spooks, Cavitrons and ploppers. 4.5" - 5" paddletails are the most versatile bait I've found so far. Work them like a jig, throw them on algae mattes (better than frogs), slow roll or as wake baits. Give bass the time to eat them then hook set! For jigging a 6/0 x 1/8th oz swimbait hook on 7'6" Rainshadow MH w/telescopic handle and Lew's LFS #30 braid combo, for froggin' a 6/0 unweighted swimbait hook on 7'6" Shimano Sellus MH flippin stick and Lew's Super Duty #40 thin braid, slow rollin' or topwater VMC Drop Dead 5/0 3/32oz just about any 7' MH with your favorite reel and #20 braid. . Had some paddletails in colors I didn't think I would ever use. Changed them into colors I would use in the (usually stained) lakes and ponds of Iowa. They work! Used several colors of sharpies with gloves on. Blended colors by working with my fingers. Set colors by scrubbing in Dawn and warm water then set aside to dry. The colors used to be Clear Blue, Rainbow, Arkansas Shiner and Cooter Brown. Which one do you like? I used #18 to catch my PB a little over two weeks ago at a community pond that is surrounded by 4' grass and wild parsnip. It looks as if it doesn't get fished much for bass Got my boot stuck in mud while bringing it in. Strained my hamstring trying to pull the boot out. set my rod down while struggling with boot, fish flopped around and snapped off 10" of my flippin' rod. Crap! What I go through while hunting for big bass. Best I could tell it measured about 22" to 22 1/2" and still full of eggs. Limped back to my van hurting but happy.
  5. L if I know. Just being a smart a**.
  6. It's definitely a Fat Free Shad "Fingerling". Bill Dance originally endorsed for Excalibur then Bomber. Both were Pradco brands. From what an "expert' told me Excalibur lures was merged into the Heddon line a few years back. Bomber produced many of these "specials" for big box sporting goods stores some even packaged in Excalibur packaging. The "specials" were patterns that didn't make the cut in their main product line. The Excaliburs actually had better paint jobs. The plastic crankbait blank marketed by either name is exactly the same! Below is a 2009 1/4 oz 2.25" Excalibur Fat Free BD5F w/#6 trebles. So those guys will be told "get the red fine line sharpie out and do some similar bleed marks and gill plates on your other Fat Frees."
  7. Hey Salty's. I guess I need to know a few more anglers. Could only afford this, but working on an upgrade.
  8. Yup, looks like a BD5F. Blanks available?
  9. Want me to duplicate this if possible. Bomber Fat Free Shad 8-10 round lip. Guess a few years back Gander had these on closeout. They told me it's the only consistent fish catcher in Iowa. Don't have a model #. Any unpainted bodies resemble this crank? I told them if I can't, just get a red fine line sharpie and go to work. One guy asked what's that? Hmmm? I showed them a 1.5DD, that body too thick.
  10. Cadman, I'm not aware of any indexing between the drive and pinion gears of a Stradic. Is it when the reel is under load or all the time? I know the line guide bearings can be a problem (noisy). Been a while since I took one apart, do they have the crappy black friction rings? If so, I always replace with the blue silicone rings. Has to be in the assembly process right? We've all been there. Here's how I would troubleshoot: First Google "Shimano Stradic Gen 1 rubbing". If you get nowhere doing this I would: Rotate the crank until you detect the rub, pull the side cover, mark drive gear position, remove drive gear and inspect. Check for an index marks. Check for play between main shaft and pinion. I repaired one a guy bought for a "good price" on eBay. It had a slightly bent main shaft. Can't see this as your issue though. Check to make sure you have the correct allen screw going into worm drive. Make sure you have the correct shims on the sides of the crank assembly. For everyone else, non-worm drive spool oscillating Shimanos you have to use the index (triangle) marks to align oscillation gears.
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