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  1. How to get speckles on crank baits

    Just thin paint more than normal, turn up air pressure and pulse your trigger. Many times I accidentally splatter but like the effect on most of my baits.
  2. Airbrushing DIY Candy Acrylics

    Airbrushing the polycrylic-food coloring worked well. I plan to try mixing with a semi-gloss polycrylic instead since there will be less solids to dull the finish. May make them a bit more transparent.
  3. Apply Devcon with fingers??

    Chuck, the wide brush is working nearly as well as the finger method, plus it keeps my applying hand free for repositioning during application. I still like the finger technique since I can feel the amount I'm applying, then use the brush for touch up around hangers and tight lips. Finished 41 baits by 6:00pm yesterday. Examined many of them this morning. Great coverage and have hardened to where I could handle, but letting them cure another couple of days before starting a new painted batch.
  4. Cracks in Bills

    Vendor says he will send replacements.
  5. What Crank Is This?

    Don't know. A paddlewheel bait might be interesting.
  6. Just wondered if anyone has tried airbrushing DIY mixed candy colors. Several mixing methods on the web like using water borne poly with food coloring or diluting acrylic inks. I know some of you must have experimented. Let's share!
  7. Cracks in Bills

    Thanks for the quick replies.
  8. Cracks in Bills

    Bought 15 of these from Ali****ss, Shelt's. I wiped them down with isopropyl alcohol. All of a sudden I could see cracks in these frosty colored blanks. I prepped and wiped down 40+ in other styles and no cracks. Trying to get an order adjustment. I had 6 of the 15 ordered survive without cracks. If I don't get satisfaction, is there something I could dip these in to heal the cracks. What about acetone?
  9. What Crank Is This?

    Found some other pics; Strange. Might have to buy some and use as low light diving buzzbaits.
  10. What Crank Is This?

    Saw this on an Asian site. What is this a knock off of?
  11. Recently purchased a Cardiff 200A for deep cranking or 2 oz. swim baits. Like any new reel I buy I do a complete service and tune. I didn't like the short handle and wanted to mount one of my 120mm carbon fiber swept handles. The issues; flat star drag and my handles were for 8mm x 5mm shaft. Mod #1 - To put a bend into the star drag I first cut a piece of garden 3/4" long. It slipped tightly over the cup section of star drag. Then I wrapped the garden hose with masking tape until it fit snug inside a 1 1/8" 12pt socket. Next I cut a 1 1/2" hole in a small piece of 1/4" handi-panel and clamped it to the workbench. After centering the star drag over the 1 1/2" hole I struck it a few times with a dead blow mallet. Bent it down about 3/16". Perfect and still plenty of space to adjust spool tension knob. Mod #2 - The shaft on this reel is 7mm x 4mm. I tried to shim shaft with a strip of .45mm stainless banding. Could not get tight. Spent an hour calling reel service businesses and part suppliers with no good options. Then I went to a commonly used online porthole to search Asian options if any. Holy cow! Found exactly what I needed. A shim to convert a 7x4 to a 8x5 shaft. Cost $5 for three of them plus eleven days to receive. The fit was very snug, fit the shaft perfectly and the 8x5 handle fit snug to the shim. Actually much closer in tolerance than a normal handle. Now happy with a custom cranking reel. Can't wait to try (photo attached) on the 7'8" MH telescopic rod I built in January. Hoping to hook a major melon!
  12. Apply Devcon with fingers??

    Thanks everyone for your opinions and guidance. Mark, no issues so far with scale mixtures after doing 4 - 150-160gm application sessions. Coated 26 baits. Chuck, I'll get some of those brushes for doing the bills after the finger rubs. I do like the result of a bit thinner coat that I can "feel" as I apply. I'm shooting another batch of 30+ underwater buzz baits during the next couple days and I'll post honest finishing results either way.
  13. Apply Devcon with fingers??

    I only have the big bottles. I guess next time I purchase it will be in syringes.
  14. Apply Devcon with fingers??

    What is slightly, 5% ?
  15. Apply Devcon with fingers??

    I used all the fingers and thumb. Cut them off before I started. I did six 1.5 size baits with one mix. Way better than one or two baits before the epoxy normally sets up.