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  1. I like the essential series from do-it molds. They shoot good and catch bass. They have 4,5 and 6" models https://www.barlowstackle.com/Do-It-Essentials-Injection-Worm-Molds-C374.aspx
  2. I do not own any that large but basstackle.com has several 4" and 5" models. strike kings website states the lobster is 4.5". Here is a 4"er that always caught my eye but I never pulled the trigger on it. The price is right at only $40 for a single cavity and $70 for double. They have a video showing its action as well. basstackle makes good quality molds. http://www.basstackle.com/product_p/705-1-1.htm
  3. I have no real complaints with the bait plastic products. However, I did notice that it separates a lot easier than the original bait junkies plastic. It literally start separating within hours.
  4. Lurecraft #1076 five cavity open pour mold. The top color is chartreuse. Then white pearl powder. Then white pearl powder with silver and black glitter. Finally white pearl powder with silver platter.
  5. Lurecraft #1076 five cavity open pour mold.
  6. Lurecraft #1076 five cavity open pour mold. It’s hard to see the TrueColor because I package them in salt but it is a purple smoke pearl with purple glitter and a chartreuse tail.
  7. I have heard it describe as an artificial stone used to make countertops. They are a bit tedious to use because you need to lube them or the plastic sticks to them. They are descent molds, I have a few. They seem to dent easier as well as prone to flashing. the material is relatively soft as I have shaved off some of the ribs that were preventing complete pours. If you are looking for that style of bait then I would highly suggest looking into the do-it essential ripper. My 3.5 inch (3 cavity mold) is a walleye slayer. I gave some to some friends and they have reported 4+ pound smallmouth wit
  8. https://fishingskirts.com/ you might give those folks a call. I see they have rubber by the roll. It looks to be scored but they may be able to get what you are looking for. I have ordered lots of silicone tabs and some of there rubber tabs. They ship quickly and have good prices.
  9. I don’t know if it works better or not. I started out using the scented oil that I cook in them to lubricate them. However, when you go to use them they get the stink on your hands. That is why I prefer to use salt.
  10. Barlows tackle sells 1 lb for $35. I have also tried harbor freight powder paint on my river Jig’s. Don’t know how well they are going to hold up yet.
  11. I have not used his injector. The general consensus is to go with basstackle.com. I have their single and double injector and they are awesome. As far as baitmold.com, I have some of their molds and they are good. I do have one problem with them though. One of my aluminum molds and one of my stone molds has the alignment pegs loose and you have to constantly reseat them.
  12. Do-it essential series finesse worm, 2" paddle tail, 3" grub and 5" Senko. Sandwiched in the middle is a basstackle 3" trout worm.
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