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  1. underwatersniper

    "Stone" or "Stone powder" molds

    I have heard it describe as an artificial stone used to make countertops. They are a bit tedious to use because you need to lube them or the plastic sticks to them. They are descent molds, I have a few. They seem to dent easier as well as prone to flashing. the material is relatively soft as I have shaved off some of the ribs that were preventing complete pours. If you are looking for that style of bait then I would highly suggest looking into the do-it essential ripper. My 3.5 inch (3 cavity mold) is a walleye slayer. I gave some to some friends and they have reported 4+ pound smallmouth with it. The only downside to the do-it is that its not oriented for duel injector laminates. Also, do-it now has a 3" version (5 cavity) now. The other concern with the ones in your link is that those are shipped from the Ukraine where there is a lot of political and military unrest right now. Shipping usually takes about 30 days from them. I currently have an order with them from about a week ago. I am hoping they come through. I have ordered from him twice before and he is reliable. I am just worried about them being caught in red tape because of their political climate. His aluminum molds are pretty good although I have had some problems with his alignment pins loosening up on both the artificial stone and aluminum molds. one other note- UPS wont deliver them without a signature on the customs forms. Good luck-
  2. underwatersniper

    Rubber skirt material

    https://fishingskirts.com/ you might give those folks a call. I see they have rubber by the roll. It looks to be scored but they may be able to get what you are looking for. I have ordered lots of silicone tabs and some of there rubber tabs. They ship quickly and have good prices.
  3. underwatersniper

    basstackle 910 tube mold

    I don’t know if it works better or not. I started out using the scented oil that I cook in them to lubricate them. However, when you go to use them they get the stink on your hands. That is why I prefer to use salt.
  4. underwatersniper

    Bulk powder paint

    Barlows tackle sells 1 lb for $35. I have also tried harbor freight powder paint on my river Jig’s. Don’t know how well they are going to hold up yet.
  5. underwatersniper

    Oiling Your Injector?

    I have not used his injector. The general consensus is to go with basstackle.com. I have their single and double injector and they are awesome. As far as baitmold.com, I have some of their molds and they are good. I do have one problem with them though. One of my aluminum molds and one of my stone molds has the alignment pegs loose and you have to constantly reseat them.
  6. underwatersniper

    Do-it ES molds and basstackle

    Do-it essential series finesse worm, 2" paddle tail, 3" grub and 5" Senko. Sandwiched in the middle is a basstackle 3" trout worm.
  7. underwatersniper

    Oiling Your Injector?

    basstackle sells oil. I oil the O-roing to help it slide better. you may need to disassemble it and clean the tube as well.
  8. underwatersniper

    Ultra Molds Hand Injector?

    I just added 2 pics to the the soft plastics gallery. The top 2 minnows in the pic were done with lam plate the bottom 2 were done with twin injector. With lam plates I have had problems with flashing, incomplete shots and even the 1st half bunching up in the mold while shooting the second half. The issues with the twin injector is getting it to shoot both halves correctly. Some of my larger crayfish look like 75/25 instead of 50/50. Still working out the bugs on this twin injector. Part of my problem may be unequal heat but I am thinking my biggest problem may have been that I was using 2 different brands of plastics on the batch I had trouble with. I am still really new to this as well.
  9. underwatersniper

    jacobs molds silverfish

    The top 2 are done with laminate plates the bottom 2 are done with a 2 color injector.
  10. underwatersniper

    jacobs molds silverfish

    The top 2 are done with laminate plates the bottom 2 are done with a 2 color injector.
  11. underwatersniper

    Ecto-Craw Mold vs 736 Craw vs 720 Craw vs 736 Craw?

    Bts Has a couple molds I would like to order. However, until he puts legitimate contact information on his page I am not going to chance losing money on him. Notice on the contact page he does not give a phone number and he will not answer emails.
  12. underwatersniper

    Ecto-Craw Mold vs 736 Craw vs 720 Craw vs 736 Craw?

    Also, if you want to see the 720. Go to the gallery section, look under soft plastic and I have two pictures posted there. They are currently the first pictures after that video.
  13. underwatersniper

    Ecto-Craw Mold vs 736 Craw vs 720 Craw vs 736 Craw?

    Go to their website and look at picture number four of the 736. The left pinvher is flat on top and the right pincher has a ridge on the top. The left pincher has that same Ridge on the underside. And the right pincher will be flat on the underside.