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  1. Soft Plastic Regrinds

    Yes the OP was looking for re-grinds. I also have a gallon of the baitjunkys new plastisol and all of your scents. I will admit that I like the ideal of regrinds because the color and glitter are already taken care of. I am still extremely new to shooting plastic and that eliminates one variable for me. essentially regrinds are the same price shipped as your new.
  2. Soft Plastic Regrinds

    Just a quick shout out to ozarktackle.com, I ordered 15 lbs of regrinds on Tues around 11:15 eastern time and they arrived here in Ohio today via USPS. Everything seems good with the plastic but wont get to try it for a few days. On their "info" page it says to e-mail for shipping quote but no need to as they do have a shipping calculator on their checkout page. shipping was 18.11 and total cost for 15 lbs was $60.11 but I did order some from their clearance page. Only minor complaint is that they did not send a shipping notification or tracking info.
  3. 2.25 Silver Fish jacobs molds

    I am hoping to use it on a drop shot for smallies and on a 1/32 jighead for crappie. Any thoughts?
  4. 2.25 Silver Fish

    Jacobs bait mold. 10 cavity "2.25 Silver Fish".
  5. 2.25 Silver Fish jacobs molds

    Jacobs bait mold. 10 cavity "2.25 Silver Fish".