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  1. Yes, model was made in pieces out of epoxy clay. Tail up to waist, then waist to shoulders, neck and head. Hair, face, arms, and hands made out of Play-doh. Let dry sand paint repaint. Wouldn't use Play-doh again. When model was done made silicone mold and cast out of high density polyurethane foam. Used paint brushes, clay and shaping tools purchased from Micro-Mark. Hair was the hardest part.
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    Received comments on contest entry from Fish Candy, Braided line and Avid Angler Thanks! Came up in my email so not sure you got response. Difficult to choose which lure to enter naturally my friends told me I entered the wrong paint job, everybody has there favorite. Really enjoy looking at the entries some really cool stuff! Will defiantly spend more time reading forum posts. Cool site
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