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  1. Eol2014

    FSB-5 from MudHole

    Thanks Josh, I took advantage of all the black Friday deals and got some basic start up tools and a few low price rod kits to cut my teeth on. Man, they make this look easier on you tube than it seems to be. Merry Christmas
  2. Eol2014

    FSB-5 from MudHole

    Ive never built a rod....i started making lure a year ago and figured this would be the next step in my angling addiction....it doesn't look to hard but choosing the correct components is a but confusing to me......i really want to avoid expensive mistakes.....thanks for the reply
  3. Ive made up my mind to start rod building. At the moment all I know is what Ive learned by watching hours of you tube. I am looking at the MudHole FSB -5 package. Is this the right way to go? While my pockets aren't stupid deep, I don't like to take short cuts and wind up frustrated by sub par equipment. Any thoughts / insight is appreciated and thank you in advance.
  4. Eol2014

    K Type Swimbait Laminate Problem

    I have several of those BT molds and use BT injector. I have had some of the same problems.......I shoot vertically , keep temps as equal as possible , Now this is going to sounds odd and i don't really get why..... but I have better results when I inject pushing on the belly side of the injector. I push steady and usually keep my plastic around 330ish but as Frank said lower/slower might work better . Im gonna try that also.
  5. Eol2014

    Any one care to share their AYU recipe

    Here is my version....perfect no.... but very close. I hope this helps Top 1 cup plastic, 20 drops x2 watermelon green, 6 drops of x2 watermelon brown, 10 drops of MF white pearl, 1 pinch of Halo gold Bottom : 1 cup plastic, 30 drops of MF white pearl, 2 drops of x2 watermelon green, 2 drops of X2 white, 2 pinches of Halo gold.
  6. Eol2014

    BT Senko Tip mold

    Thank you Walkind Dead
  7. Eol2014

    BT Senko Tip mold

    I have the DO-IT 5in GY Senko mold. Does any know know if BT 185TIP-KJ-12 5in Stick bait tip mold will work? Thanks
  8. Eol2014

    Yamamoto natural shad senko

    Thanks for everyone's help. Results in Pic. I think its a 95% match and Im satisfied with it. I did a 15 min water test comparing to Yamamoto Natural Shad Senko ( same hook and line ). My version had a very slightly slower sink rate so I added another tablespoon of salt for fun ( haven't tested that version yet because I'm happy with my results). What I did notice was after 15min water test the Yamamoto color faded a bit , mine did not, so even a 100% color match out of mold would be irrelevant. My version is a bit softer ( softer plastic and probably less salt/additives than yamamoto) but the action was great. As we know there are so many variables in making plastics I used a lilttle of everyone's suggestions. Below is what I did. Again thanks to everyone who helped and I hope this will help someone.... Next quest sexy shad.... 1 cup of MF soft sinking plastic 2 pinches of .15 black flake 1 pinch of . 15 gold flake 1 pinch of Halo gold flake 3 TBS of MF flake salt 2 drops of X2 black 2 drops of X2 white 4 drops of MF silver
  9. Eol2014


    Wow.....That is so nice Id be afraid to fish with it
  10. Eol2014

    Yamamoto natural shad senko

    Gonna make some in next day or so.....i really appreciate everyone's help...im gonna use MF soft sinking plastic for first time so im anticipating tweaking to the great suggestions.....ill have a solid start
  11. Eol2014

    Yamamoto natural shad senko

    Thanks alsworms.....I have several MF silvers that look close to that......
  12. Eol2014

    Yamamoto natural shad senko

    Does anyone have a recipe for this color? It looks so simple......semi transparent gray/silver with gold flake but as I'm learning nothing is usually straight forward with making baits albeit Im a newbie. Thank you.
  13. Eol2014

    Air pocket in tubes

    Hi Mark....yeah ive tried different pressures while injecting..... i actually called do-it and explained what was happening. They are sending new mold today...cant ask for more than that... Thanks for all who responded trying to help
  14. Eol2014

    Air pocket in tubes

    Yes bubble is always where body meets the skirt. What is venting and how do you prevent it?
  15. Eol2014

    Homemade musky lure

    Wow.....that looks awesome