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  1. BT Senko Tip mold

    Thank you Walkind Dead
  2. BT Senko Tip mold

    I have the DO-IT 5in GY Senko mold. Does any know know if BT 185TIP-KJ-12 5in Stick bait tip mold will work? Thanks
  3. Yamamoto natural shad senko

    Thanks for everyone's help. Results in Pic. I think its a 95% match and Im satisfied with it. I did a 15 min water test comparing to Yamamoto Natural Shad Senko ( same hook and line ). My version had a very slightly slower sink rate so I added another tablespoon of salt for fun ( haven't tested that version yet because I'm happy with my results). What I did notice was after 15min water test the Yamamoto color faded a bit , mine did not, so even a 100% color match out of mold would be irrelevant. My version is a bit softer ( softer plastic and probably less salt/additives than yamamoto) but the action was great. As we know there are so many variables in making plastics I used a lilttle of everyone's suggestions. Below is what I did. Again thanks to everyone who helped and I hope this will help someone.... Next quest sexy shad.... 1 cup of MF soft sinking plastic 2 pinches of .15 black flake 1 pinch of . 15 gold flake 1 pinch of Halo gold flake 3 TBS of MF flake salt 2 drops of X2 black 2 drops of X2 white 4 drops of MF silver
  4. IMG_9519.PNG

    Wow.....That is so nice Id be afraid to fish with it
  5. Yamamoto natural shad senko

    Gonna make some in next day or so.....i really appreciate everyone's help...im gonna use MF soft sinking plastic for first time so im anticipating tweaking to the great suggestions.....ill have a solid start
  6. Yamamoto natural shad senko

    Thanks alsworms.....I have several MF silvers that look close to that......
  7. Yamamoto natural shad senko

    Does anyone have a recipe for this color? It looks so simple......semi transparent gray/silver with gold flake but as I'm learning nothing is usually straight forward with making baits albeit Im a newbie. Thank you.
  8. Air pocket in tubes

    Hi Mark....yeah ive tried different pressures while injecting..... i actually called do-it and explained what was happening. They are sending new mold today...cant ask for more than that... Thanks for all who responded trying to help
  9. Air pocket in tubes

    Yes bubble is always where body meets the skirt. What is venting and how do you prevent it?
  10. Homemade musky lure

    Wow.....that looks awesome
  11. Air pocket in tubes

    And just to add more head scratching while the bubble is the same location of the tube, its doesnt occur in the same place in the mold.....idk maybe just a bad nite in the shop.
  12. Air pocket in tubes

    Mark....not sure what mean about venting. The mold is free of any debris
  13. Air pocket in tubes

    Need help..This is going to sound stupid but I cant figure it out. i am getting a small air pocket where the splines join the body on tubes. I am as careful as possible about air in plastic, Ive shot at different temps 360F -325F., shot a different speeds. Im using DO-IT mold and regular plastisol. To make this odd is in the past with different colors this hasn't occured.... Any Idea's. Thanks
  14. Poison Swingtail Jig

    I have this jig and runs fine with swimbait trailer.....problem is when I tied a living rubber skirt to it then the bait ran on its side and a lot of the action seemed to die. I only used ~ 3in length and 3 pieces. Skirt is centered and "balanced" but has to be the issue.....so back to drawing board and testing for me......Anyone have other suggestions?
  15. modified swim bait mold

    I have this swim bait head jig mold and I'm not a huge fan of it. I've found the lower lead edge makes threading a Keitech fat swimbait style bait on a pain. That being said 1/4 oz is my most used size so gonna be a bit tight. So what ive done is filled that lower lead edge in with plumber putty, or you can snip/file the lower edge off....the result is very close to a VMC Swimbait head http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/VMC_Ike_Approved_Swimbait_Jig_Heads/descpage-MVCSBHD.html . The bait tracks great and your larger swimbaits don't have a fit issue. For casting jig heads I really like the the DO-IT casting jig. They track great and have a 30 degree hook and can be molded with or without weed guard. The are similar to Dirty Jig MA swimbait heads except for bait keeper http://www.tacklewarehouse.com/Dirty_Jigs_Matt_Allen_Tactical_Bassin_Swimbait_Jig_Head/descpage-DJMASWH.html. I only mention other brand name jigs for comparisons. I didn't necessarily try to replicate them , it just worked out that way. Pic of same jig but on left is modified. The putty plugs are removable/reusable after they cure ( albeit a bit brittle)