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  1. FishCandy


    It's weighted, really nice popping action.
  2. FishCandy


    I like this one. If you don't mind my saying, the eye socket will come out much smoother if you drill a shallow hole with a forstner bit the size of the eye, then use a larger round ball burr to get a smooth socket. The only catch is that you need a drill press.
  3. FishCandy


  4. FishCandy


    Spun this one up to see if it would work. Got the idea from an e-book. Tested great.
  5. FishCandy

    Envirotex lite 30 min epoxy mixing

    Interesting. I use these motors a lot. Thanks for the idea!
  6. FishCandy

    Duck season

    Splitting the feather was the easy part! I'm not used to such small hooks. It's a lot harder to tie them than I thought.
  7. FishCandy

    Glitter and Epoxy

    ddl, I was using it on bucktail jig heads. I think Nathan has an excellent suggestion for using it on lures. Mix it in some polycrylic and apply with a brush, then top coat.
  8. FishCandy

    Glitter and Epoxy

    Amazon: and
  9. FishCandy

    Respirator for water based paint?

    I use this mask for painting and turning. I bought it for $164, it's now $147.
  10. FishCandy

    Lure eye placement

    More traditional setup:
  11. FishCandy

    Lure eye placement

    Don't know what your set up is but check this out:
  12. FishCandy

    Lure eye placement

    This should take care of the lathe tools: This is where I found my ball burrs: and I paid $36 and $23 at the time, they are now $31 and $12. Looks like I'm ordering a spare set!
  13. FishCandy

    Lure eye placement

    Hey Mr Stone, I remembered you saying you don't have a lathe, and I just received an email from Instructables on turning without a lathe. The method uses a band saw: There's also this from Izzy Swan on how to use a table saw as a lathe:
  14. FishCandy

    Whopper Plopper knockoffs

    I watched a video the other day of a Whopper Plopper repaint. She uses the lures sold by River2Sea. She buys them in the "powder" color, the lures are already based out and just need a repaint.
  15. FishCandy

    Glitter and Epoxy

    Nathan, I like that idea. More control and glitter is definitely not going to be a problem under two coats of epoxy.