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  1. I use a continuous ten foot by 14 inch ribbon of the material. It fits on a jig that mounts ten lures at a time for faster painting.
  2. Start selling at fishing flea markets/shows.
  3. FishCandy


    Feeling a little patriotic.
  4. Really nice. How's the action?
  5. This is my own design from eastern red cedar. It swims just below the surface on a slow retrieve, with a slow side to side S curve. Dives deeper on a faster retrieve. Acrylic airbrushed paints. Yellow base, lime green pearl, black ladder pattern under blue pearl scales. Etex clear.
  6. FishCandy


    It's weighted, really nice popping action.
  7. FishCandy


    I like this one. If you don't mind my saying, the eye socket will come out much smoother if you drill a shallow hole with a forstner bit the size of the eye, then use a larger round ball burr to get a smooth socket. The only catch is that you need a drill press.
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