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  1. Washington finally opened fishing on May 5th. I traveled to my lake house and fished 6 days straight. My life is whole again
  2. Sorry, I searched that pic off the net. Thanks for all of your help.
  3. Thanks for the information gentlemen. Yes, the color is purple with small blue flake. Gene Larew's version just had more flake in it than Ditto. I still have some of the Ditto Gator Tail's in that color. I'm guessing that they are about 25+ years old.
  4. Thanks Les, I'll give it a try this weekend. I've got lots of time to kill lately with all this craziness. Our state (Washington) has closed all fishing through May 4th.
  5. Does anybody have a recipe for the Gene Larew electric blue color they would be willing to share? I'm looking for the electric blue color they discontinued, years ago this thing was completely loaded with flake.
  6. Thanks. That's the type of information I was looking for.
  7. I just watched a few videos of making soft plastic baits with a centrifugal spin cast mold. Anybody got any experience with this?
  8. Gentlemen, The company that I was purchasing my RTV from has gone out of business. I make my own open pour molds and I'm looking for a new supplier. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  9. stein3411

    5" Wooden Lunker Punker

    I'm looking for Black Dog Baits 5" wooden Lunker Punkers.
  10. I'm looking for a reputable U.S. company that does nickle and gold plating. I have some custom blades that I would like to have plated.
  11. I've been utilizing Bob Risner (BER Custom Painting) for the last 15 years to custom paint my hardbaits. Bob has decided to retire and I wish him a long and happy retirement. I'm now on the hunt for a new custom hardbait painter, suggestions are appreciated.
  12. stein3411

    worms 002

    Any chance you want to share the recipe?
  13. Anyone have a good color recipe for Roboworm's Margarita Mutilator. I normally utilize LC and MF coloring.
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