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  1. I was wondering where everybody got their blanks from? I started painting my own lures last year but i didn't have very good luck using the baits this summer because I couldn't get them to swim like a store bought bait. I used the 30 min epoxy brushed on. I suspect that I didn't get the lures coated evenly therefore they didn't swim correctly. Even-though I had a lure turner. I just bought some diamond coat clear coat from kbs i am hoping that dipping them will correct the error from brushing epoxy on.
  2. How do I get my crankbaits to swim better? I have had trouble with my crankbaits not swimming correctly. I believe it is due to epoxy build up on the bill or maybe even on the bait. I use envirotex lite 30 min epoxy and I try to coat everything as even as possible. I do coat the bill but wonder if I should not do that?
  3. I am not happy with how the baits are swimming due to I’m guessing epoxy in the bills. Any way to get this epoxyy to coat more evenly?
  4. I was wondering if anyone has had any luck finding something similar to the kvd strike king 1.0 square bill crank bait. I had been looking online but haven't found anything that dives 2-4 ft and is slightly smaller than the 1.5.
  5. I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get a bandit 100 series blank bait to paint? Or something that is similar?
  6. i am using the etex lite 30 min epoxy i wonder if it would still work on that?
  7. gotcha sorry i wasn't sure who painted it.
  8. i believe i got this picture off of facebook.
  9. How would you get a matte finish on your wiggle wart baits? I love fishing the storm wiggle wart and am painting lures and was wondering how one would get the matte finish.
  10. I recently saw some crank baits with speckles of black paint or blue paint that was airbrushed randomly throughout the bait. Anyone know how one would achieve this look? Thanks!
  11. Thanks guys for the info! I came home today after work and they are a little harder. However it doesn’t seem that they dried very evenly. There are uneven spots on the bait. Anyway in the future that I can avoid that?
  12. Hey guys I have been having trouble with my 30 min. Envirotex lite brush on epoxy. I put the lures on my bbq rotisserie motor lure turner for about 2 hours and they are still tacky after that. I have the lure turner inside my house where it is 68 degrees.
  13. Rnd101

    Lure turners

    I was wondering if a guy could buy a lure turner to dry epoxy on hard baits or if he had to make one?
  14. Hi guys I am trying to get a watermelon seed recipe for some worms. I am after the bass pro shops version of this color. Anyone have a recipe for me? I see some recipes start with school bus yellow but I’m not sure if we are talking about the same watermelon seed color or not?
  15. I am thinking about getting into painting my own crank baits and jerk baits but was wondering what do people usually use to seal the coats of paint and to help keep the paint from chipping the first toss into the water. I know i have seen some people using epoxy but i also heard some people say that it turns yellow after a while. Just wondering what your opinions are on this subject. Thanks!
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