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  1. How do I go about getting some of these? Can I order heads without hooks from Barlows/Janns?
  2. Gas pumper, Do you make these? How difficult would it be to make them so that they could slide onto an in-line?
  3. I would really like 1/8. I have tried using a bullet sinker and squishing it with a bench vice and that actually works surprisingly well but doesn't have the "finished" look you'd see on a store bought lure.
  4. I was looking for some for myself. If I cannot find any I will take you up on that offer. The real reason I want the heads is because I want to be able to put a large eye on them. Sea trout really key on that eye for some reason. Any other ideas on how to get an eye on an inline spinner?
  5. I am looking for heads that go on an in-line spinner like this. https://www.panthermartin.com/Lures/saltwater-freshwater/HulaRunner https://www.fishusa.com/product/Blue-Fox-Flash-Spinners I was not able to find anything on Barlows for Janns but may have missed it. Also I have not found any other websites for spinnerbait parts. Help appreciated!
  6. I have a Hagens tool and a tool that I believe is for R bends but I am struggling to find a good video to show how to make the spinnerbait bend. Mine are not very tight and do not look right for some reason. Help would be appreciated. Can I use the Hagens tool for those or does it only do loops? Thanks!
  7. Pete, Zman is now making a bucktail chatter bait that is sold exclusively in Dick's Sporting Goods. It may be on Zman's website though, would be something worth checking out for ideas maybe.
  8. Hey guys! New member here. I grew up a bass fisherman and was taught how to fish a spinnerbait and a jig by an older gentleman almost 15 years ago. My fishing buddy was also an avid lure maker and I have memories of spending weekends in high school in his basement learning how to make R bends and blend skirts. Unfortunately my friend has had some serious medical issues and has been forced to not only give up fishing but also lure making. Recently he decided to pass down a large part of his inventory and tools to me and I am very grateful, however, I have been living and fishing in an inshore environment in SC for the last 6 years. While he will forget more than I will ever learn about building and fishing spinnerbaits for bass, he has limited redfish/trout experience. I have been chasing redfish/trout almost exclusively for the last six years and I am wondering how to turn these "freshwater" baits into inshore baits. I am not concerned with the strength of the hooks/tackle in general. I am curious if anyone has gone down this journey and would be willing to share some tips and tricks. I have started with "in-line" spinners with my favorite paddle tail as a trailer but am looking to move to spinnerbaits and buzzbaits. Any advice would be appreciated! Thanks!
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