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  1. Demon_dogg36

    Yellow Perch

    i LOVE the matte finish on this bait... and I'm a sucker for perch patterns. very nice, clean lure, great job!
  2. This is amazing. you really have some awesome paintjobs on your baits. thank you for sharing
  3. Demon_dogg36

    turtle topwater

    Lucas, do you sell these?
  4. yeah do you sell them???
  5. Demon_dogg36


    is it a spook or a whopper plopper? I'd love a plopper in this pattern....
  6. I'm just starting my lure painting so every link helps thank you
  7. Demon_dogg36

    Exotic spinning

    what paint do you use? do you have any issues with the paint or clear cracking when the rod is loaded on a fish?
  8. Demon_dogg36


    can you heat set that paint with a hair dryer or a heat gun?
  9. Any one here have info on unpainted swimbait blanks? 1 or 2 joints.
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