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  1. DIY skirt making tool idea

    Yes sir!
  2. Need help identifying the body material on these crappie jigs.

    Ok I see what your saying now. I didn't even catch that earlierwhere it said rayon instead of nylon. So I got the right color just wrong type of chenille, That makes sense! Too bad they don't still make it, the rayon will have to do. And thats ok, its close enough for me. Thank you Smalljaw!
  3. Need help identifying the body material on these crappie jigs.

    Thanks guys I made a pretty good guess on the color and material then. Kelly green is what I ended up ordering. Not exactly the same but very close for sure! Original one on left and Kelly green on right. Thanks again everybody
  4. Need help identifying the body material on these crappie jigs.

    Thanks for the info Andy, I wi'll look in to it!
  5. Hello I'm new to tying jigs and was wondering if anybody can tell me the green material used on these bodies? To my knowledge they don't sell these specific ones any longer and would like to try to make some myself as similar as possible. Ill attach a picture. Thanks
  6. Tthanks Edward! I ended up just pulling the weedguard out and installing a new one when I finished painting. I will have to get some of that tubing for next time though
  7. Should I sand jig heads before powder painting?

    Not sure on the brand but I did buy a pair of gate cutters, and your right they work much better than just twisting the sprue off. Hardly have to file the sprue mark at all now!
  8. Should I sand jig heads before powder painting?

    Thanks Cadman, I just went and bought a file and a heat gun to replace my propane torch for heating. Back in the lab now, hoping for better results!
  9. Should I sand jig heads before powder painting?

    I never thought about all the lead dust in the air while sanding. I'm glad I asked! Awesome, thank you guys for all the help!
  10. Should I sand jig heads before powder painting?

    Ok awesome. I kind of wondered if anybody ever sanded the entire jig head or not because when researching ideas I've never came across any articles about that topic. So maybe its not necessary for me to sand the entire head? Just the sprue area instead? I did paint a couple without sanding them but it just seemed like the quality wasnt as sharp as the one I sanded first.. I suppose that could also be because I was painting them green chartreuse? Maybe the particular color doesnt cover as many blemishes as a darker color of paint would perhaps? Thank you guys!
  11. Curious to know if any of you jig makers sand the lead heads before powder painting them? If so, what do you guys use to sand them? I have been hand sanding mine using fine (400) grit sand paper but I wish there was an easier/quicker option? Possibly a dremel with sanding bit?! Interested in hearing from the more advanced/experienced crafters. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hey all, I just bought ten 3/4oz. Unpainted jig heads. And never thought about how I would (powder)paint them without melting or getting paint on the weed guards. I've heard wrapping tin foil around the weed guards has worked for people. was also curious how to go about baking the heads in oven for curing process after they are painted without affecting the weed guards. Is there a home remedy or will I need to order some kind of heat resistant tubing to put over the guards? Also I have 1/8" diameter FG30 weed guards on hand but the 3/4oz jig heads are bigger (not sure on diameter). Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  13. DIY skirt making tool idea

    Thank you budman! P.s. the bigger the pen the better. I was able to get 2 tabs through this particular pen, but it was a bit of a challenge. I wonder if there would be any way to make a sharpie or some other type of marker work?!
  14. DIY skirt making tool idea

    Surely I'm not the first one to think of this. I am new to this site and to lure making in general, and just recently started building bass jigs from scratch and realized I had everything I needed except a skirting tool. So I came up with this simple solution with an ink pen. Used a piece of copper wire to pull the silicone tabs through the pen.