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  1. NCSinkers

    Reinforcing ceramic guides

    Thanks Washougal. Maybe I should rephrase the question as I realize that guide damage is more likely due to the user vs the manufacturer. Could one manufacturer’s component or design hold up better to abuse than another? Probably so, but for the sake of this post let’s assume it is all user error. Being a novice, I have made a number of user errors you have mentioned. Many times when traveling out on a trip either kayaking, hauling equipment out to the surf, or carrying rods in a car or truck in not the most ideal setup, I expect that my rods may be put through some abuse. So perhaps a better question is... If one were to try and reinforce guides (tip top and others as well) to stand up to possible rod abuse, what would you use and do you see any disadvantages to reinforcing the guides? Thanks again as all feedback is appreciated.
  2. NCSinkers

    Reinforcing ceramic guides

    Thanks for the feedback. I was thinking of applying a very thin coat of low viscosity 2-part epoxy or uv cure epoxy around the ceramic eye hoping some would wick into any joints formed between the guide and eye. I couldn't think of any disadvantages that would be created by applying the material since it is applied to the outside of the eye where there is no contact by the line. I was able to find a lot of rod reviews were people have complained about the eyes popping out of the guides without abuse, but wasn't able to come up with any feedback on applying something to the guides as a preventative measure. Maybe I will try it out and follow up down the road if it seems to make a difference. Thanks again. Much appreciated.
  3. I was curious if anyone reinforces undamaged guide eyes with a two part epoxy or alternative as a preventative measure. I recently purchased a few Battle II combos and one of the rods was received with a damaged guide eye. The ceramic eye had popped out of the metal retainer during shipping although the guide did not seem to have any physical damage (cracks, bent, etc.). I have read that this is not an uncommon problem with some of the Penn rods and have run into this in the past on another rod when fishing. The rod with the damaged eye was returned but I still have a couple more of the rods. I know that it is better to replace a damaged guide vs trying to epoxy an eye back in to a damaged one, but what about applying an epoxy to an undamaged eyes/guides to beef them up a little. Thanks in advance for any feedback.
  4. NCSinkers

    Gotcha Plug Colors

    The bodies were 3d printed and made from PETG. A friend of mine has a nice printer at work that he has easy access to. I have tried on my printer at home but could not get good results although it proved useful for the prototypes. I think having an enclosure and better temperature control during printing is critical. I am still testing them out to see how they hold up. Good results so far, but still a bit of work to do.
  5. NCSinkers

    Gotcha Plug Colors

    Thanks for the input. If I end up getting some of the purple plastic I will send a couple your way. Very much appreciated.
  6. NCSinkers

    Gotcha Plug Colors

    I started making my own Got-cha (gotcha) type lures and wanted to get input from others to see if there are any odd ball colors or modifications that have produced some good results. I do most of my fishing at the NC coast. Interested if non standard colors or dressing the tail hook has given better results. Thanks!