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  1. Gotcha Plug Colors

    The bodies were 3d printed and made from PETG. A friend of mine has a nice printer at work that he has easy access to. I have tried on my printer at home but could not get good results although it proved useful for the prototypes. I think having an enclosure and better temperature control during printing is critical. I am still testing them out to see how they hold up. Good results so far, but still a bit of work to do.
  2. Gotcha Plug Colors

    Thanks for the input. If I end up getting some of the purple plastic I will send a couple your way. Very much appreciated.
  3. Gotcha Plug Colors

    I started making my own Got-cha (gotcha) type lures and wanted to get input from others to see if there are any odd ball colors or modifications that have produced some good results. I do most of my fishing at the NC coast. Interested if non standard colors or dressing the tail hook has given better results. Thanks!