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  1. Hi! I spent some time redoing my Dad's rods too. Changed guides & refinished blank. Scrubbed the great old cork and rod looks like new. Amazing those whip things ever caught a fish but they did. I still use one now and then with bait. Dad is always in the boat with me. Good luck!
  2. blll

    Loose Ned Heads

    Hey everybody, poured a bunch of midwest finese jigs and almost everyone had the head wobble on the hook after cooling. While powder painting mitigates some of this, it's just not right. Especially bad on the smaller sizes. It seems the act of removing the head from the mold loosens up the jighead. Will waiting longer to remove the pour help? Big time waster if that is the only solution. Anybody else experience this?
  3. blll

    Teflon Inserts

    Hey guys! Who has a great way to clean powder paint off the teflon inserts? I've been scraping it off and after many uses, it changes the diameter of the insert, resulting in too small a hole. Ideas? Thanks!
  4. I use several different hooks in my do-it Ned head mold. They are all slightly different gauges and eye sizes. I get lots of flash around the eye. I've tried to solve this with plumbers putty with little success. I've heard some use RTV silicone. What is the technique for doing this and can it be temporary and done over again and again? Thanks!
  5. Just a shout out to Barlow's Tackle. No fault of theirs but they sent me drop shot swivels to replace my bad ones, unsolicited. Real customer service. Thanks Matt!
  6. blll

    clear flash

    Flashabou does have a color that is silver and clear strips. I think it is called "angel " something.
  7. Getting ready to make my 1st batch of Ripper baits from a do it mold. As these mimic a Keitech, will there be an issue with keeping them straight without them taking a crooked set? I'm assuming that is why Keitech sells their baits in the clam shell. Any of you have experience making the Ripper baits yet? Thanks!
  8. blll

    Bobbin ?

    When you get one, you'll decide yes it was necessary. I like a ceramic tube or flared end brass bobbin. Does not have to be expensive. I tie larger flies with 210 denier thread. Finer thread may require a better bobbin.
  9. Having poured hundreds of drop shot sinkers this winter, I would get an occasional swivel that would not spin. My last order of swivels, (Do It brand from Barlow's) put the failure rate up to 15%. Really made for a long pour session and wasted $$. They just would not spin. I've used less expensive swivels from Ebay but they seemed slightly smaller. Anyone else noticed an increase in "bad" swivels?
  10. Hi guys. I'm looking for a longer shank hook similar to EC 570. Someone suggested a L2831 hook would work but I can't find anyone who carries them. (Capt.. Hook, LPO,Barlows etc.) Any ideas? I can find the EC 574 but I wanted a heavier hook. Thanks!
  11. Hey guys, I'm looking for jig hooks with the profile of an EC 570 hook but with a longer shank. Any ideas? thanks!
  12. I'm intrigued by the videos using the "Micro Wave" style spinning guides that Doug Hannon pioneered several years ago. But I've never seen or heard of anyone building with them or even using a rod with them. Nor have I even seen a rod built with them. It seems to me that if they were all that good, using them would have become more mainstream. Any experience building with them or casting with them? Thanks!
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