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  1. smooth move

    swap bushings for bearings

    yeah, i'll wait and see. i tore it down and sort of super tuned it and it's as good as i need for what i use it for(jetty rig). thanks for the help.
  2. smooth move

    Home Made Trim Tabs

    my nephew and i made some like you're talking about. they were just light aluminum plate and flexed as you picked up speed. they took away a little of the top end, but it was worth it for the hole shot and the turning list, or lack of. we just bent the leading edge about 30 degrees and welded em on. th boat was a 16' bare bones from tracker.
  3. smooth move

    new from Galveston

    Hi, I'm Smooth Move(Roger). i'm retired from the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers. been retired for 13 yrs. been fishing this area all my life. we live on a canal off of West Galveston Bay. I've been modifying lures and hooks for years, but just recently got interested in making my own. i doubt i'll come up with anything earth shaking, but will have something to fill my time on these winter days like today. i've become a real fair weather fisherman in my old age. anyway, i look forward to a education on here. thanks.
  4. i came across an old ambassadeur tc-6000 c. the worm gear was bad and while replacing it i found that it had bushings on the spool shaft instead of bearings. it looks like the left side(or clicker side) can be swapped out, but the other side(tension knob side) doesn't look like it's replaceable. is this true? anyone done this before? this is my first post. looks like a great forum. thanks.