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  1. I use kbs almost exclusively. In my opinon its almost full proof. Dip hang come come back in 45 minutes dip hang and leave it alone for a few days.
  2. Very nice!
  3. Dl07

    avid bass tackle

    Its back up now. Not sure what the deal was. After seeing this I tried looking last night and it was down. So just out of curiosity I checked today and it was back up.
  4. Thanks Cougarftd.... I ordered a few 110 ploppers and some other misc things. Now the bad part, waiting on shipping! I'm ready to throw some paint at them and hit the water Lol
  5. Thanks Dinger... Just placed an order for some of your new ploppers some Flat sides and eyes. I'm really excited to get the ploppers, I have been looking and waiting a while for these blanks and cant wait to throw some paint at them.
  6. Getbitcustombaits has them also
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