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  1. Del-Mart Molds

    Sold pending payment....thank you
  2. Del-Mart Molds

    Invoice sent.... thank you
  3. Del-Mart Molds

    Invoice sent.... thank you
  4. Del-Mart Molds

    OK I'm headed into work Now. Do you want me to send you an invoice? I can do that in about 30 to 40 minutes. Thank you
  5. Del-Mart Molds

    Yes they sure are
  6. Del-Mart Molds

    Price drop....$175 shipped for these brand new molds and 2k ziplock bags.....
  7. Del-Mart Molds

    Del-Mart Injection molds. NEVER been poured in . *CC-Craw (4") 2-cavity *N-Bug (4") 2- Cavity