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  1. This isn't the mold from do it. It's a 8 inch c tail. Not cheap either!
  2. Notice next the the butter knife it's kinda of hard to see. It's like a chunk of bait missing. It's completely random throughout the mold. I've just shot some with a room temp mold and it's still doing it. I've cleaned the mold. Still doing it.
  3. I have been running this mold for a little over a month now, and it's been fine, but now I keep getting small chunks off my baits when I pour. (Looks like a fish nibbled on it). I'm using the 8 inch C-tail worm from Do-It. I can't figure out the problem and it has me baffled. I'm doing everything the same as I always have. Plastic is the right temp, oiled the injector, holding pressure, backfilling injector hole. Mold getting to hot maybe? Note: it changes, between cavaties. One one time, a different the other. Now I'm only getting one complete worm per pour. Please help!
  4. Joelhains how much do you add per cup? That was my plan, to just pour the belly
  5. I'm wanting to make some top water frogs but I am unsure on how much floater (not sure of the exact name) to add to make the frogs stay on top of the water. How much should I add for a cup or 2 of plastic. thanks in advance! adam
  6. So you mix up the same color you just shot, then add the old plastic to it? Does it not change the color?
  7. I'm looking to buy some waterdog injection molds. If you have any or know where I can buy some please email me or contact me on here.my email is adam.j.bowlds93@gmail.com Thank you
  8. Hello everyone, I've been reading on the site for weeks trying to learn what I can as I'm a noob. Today I did my first injecting and I have a question about what to do with extra materials at the end of shooting. I mixed up a color with 2 cups of plastic and was left with a little in the container when I was done. The reason I was left with some was because there was only enough to fill maybe half of the the injector which was not enough to fill the mold completely. I saved what was left over in hopes of maybe mixing all my extra later on and making some strange color. What do you guys do? Also after I shot my bait, my c tails has bubbles in them, but the rest of the worm was perfect. Any suggestions on how to fix this? The color was pretty light purple, maybe it's just easier to see imperfections? Ive learned a lot from reading everyone's posts and I look forward to reading and learning more.
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