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  1. you`re welcome:-)i hope it is a inspiration for some of you..a lot of work,but it is worth it.it is always nice to catch fish with diy-lures:fly,streamer,Wobbler,spinner,spinnerbait,topwaterlures and so on..Keep on building :-)
  2. i posted some pics in the spinnerbait-section :-)
  3. thx guys for all the compliments.the body of the prototyp is made of Wood,correct.i use a saw and sandpaper to shape them.i tried to paint them with airbrush,but i did not liked the result.first,i am a graffiti-Veteran,but a airbrush-beginner.for simple patterns i sometimes use a spraycan or airbrush.but i prefer to use brush and stick,very unique look,i can cover "repaired" and uneven spots on the concrete-body with the thick paint.and the paint actually holds to the body very good.after 2 coatings of etex it is good protected.@smalljaw:i completly get your point.at the moment it is only a w
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