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  1. They work fine. The baits turn out dull, or at least mine do. Spraying with PAM as Mark noted may fix that. The only down side i had was the shipping time was long.
  2. I have and it works great (at least i think). It took a little research fron here and trial and error to figure it out. What i do is: 1. Flip the wire form around so what was the bottom is now the top. You can easily slip the blade on the open loop after paining. 2. I then cut the new bottom (the squareish part) to be able to slip the hook on. This cut is easy to crimp shut. Figuring out where to cut is what took trial and error. 3. Pour, paint, apply skirt, blade, hook, fish. I haven't had any straighten and i think it works great. I think That Guy Skimpy also has a youtube video of this or something similar. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.
  3. Not sure if it will work, but brass Carolina rig weights may work
  4. Not a bad idea. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Not sure if it will help. Just to add a few ideas... I add hair in layers, adding a few half hitches or whip finish and cover the thread with hard as nails between layers. My thought has been that even if some of the jig falls apart some may not. I have also found if I am using heavier thread (for me it has been kevlar thread) i have a tendancy to break the hair shaft somewhat and it falls apart from time to time.
  6. I have poured jigs and soft baits for a while, just expanding out to spinnerbaits. Thanks again
  7. Yes spinnerbait molds in both cases. Thanks for the reply.
  8. New to the site, but looking for some advice. Trying to decide between the do it bullet head or ultra minnow spinnerbait molds. I like the look of the ultra but read a lot about pouring difficulty. I have tried and tried to find something (good or bad) on the bullet head. Thanks.
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