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  1. I just started pouring soft plastic baits, can I melt and use leftover already colored plastic that has cooled?
  2. I have painted thousands of baits with this one air compressor: http://www.tcpglobal.com/ABD-TC-20_2.html#.XBAZOWhKjIU it has never given me any trouble, and at $69.96 MSRP plus always free shipping it is a steal.
  3. Hello, what is everyone using to "coat" their knots with after tying? I am currently using "Jackson Cardinal Flies Water-Based Head Cement" and I am having alot of problems with not just it hardening, but its ability to stay hard when it comes into contact with water (according to customers that I have had to issue refunds to). Please help me
  4. Has this new epoxy come to market yet?
  5. What can I use to soak my airbrush parts in with Createx 4008 Airbrush/Spray-Gun Cleaner? I used to use a glass cup, but it required too much restorer to cover the parts. TIA
  6. does anyone know where I can get some all black eyes for my crankbaits that I paint?
  7. How do I use Createx Airbrush Restorer properly.
  8. I call my newest color Beach Day: (picture(s) to come later)... Straight Createx Opaque White (Base Coat) Straight Createx Opaque Red (Bottom of Head) 5 Drops of Createx Opaque Coral & 8 Drops of Createx Pearl Copper (Head) 10 Drops of Createx Opaque White & 5 Drops of Createx Opaque Blue (Spine/Back) Straight Createx Opaque Black (Kill Spot) Flex Coat (non-UV) Epoxy (Top Coat)
  9. Okay, what should I use that can be used indoors?
  10. I was wondering if anyone uses the Createx Gloss Top-Coat? Is it any good? TIA
  11. Thanks, I do use Createx so thanks for the advice.
  12. I am still very new to airbrushing custom fishing lures, I was wondering if I can use my airbrush to paint lead-head jigs?
  13. I am new to airbrushing hardbaits, and I was wondering what you all use for spay booths?
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