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  1. Uncle Arnies Tackle

    3D Printed molds

    Thanks for posting this - good to see some warm reception. This is what actually got me into lure making. 3 printers later I am still addicted. I recently went to an SLA printer and cannot believe the level of detail! good call on the thickness. I have been getting away with 1mm on ABS on 4.5" open pour baits. I am going to make a huge 10" one and will let you know if it takes the heat!!! also - check this guy on out Grabcad. He has a ton of cool models ready to print: https://grabcad.com/cooler-3
  2. Uncle Arnies Tackle

    Liquid UV Treatment

    I had the same issue... I solved it two ways. first run the UV powder through a coffee grinder, then take a small amount of the virgin plastic and shake the uv powder into it, this greatly reduces the amount of clumps you will see. You can do the same thing, without the grinder by adding it to your softener/ worm oil and shaking and adding. good luck!
  3. Uncle Arnies Tackle


  4. Uncle Arnies Tackle

    Walter didnt mind my bubbles

    Broke out the grubs
  5. Uncle Arnies Tackle

    Dipping baits after injecting

    Run a long needle through the tail up into the body and do it all at once.
  6. Uncle Arnies Tackle

    Dipping baits after injecting

    makes for a very nice finish, really brings out colors. I like to finish open pour swim baits this way.
  7. Uncle Arnies Tackle

    Silicone Rubiks Cube Mold Ice Cube Tray 15 Cups 4*4*4cm

    Not a bad idea, I just keep ugly collections of misc leftovers on my microwave/ work top
  8. Uncle Arnies Tackle

    Packaging swimbaits and all plastic baits

    What sort of problems are you currently having with your current packaging configuration?
  9. Uncle Arnies Tackle

    want to make pre-rigged worms

    Use braid internally?
  10. Uncle Arnies Tackle

    New member here

    Welcome. I got started in alumalites vac 50 system. Good luck to you!
  11. Uncle Arnies Tackle

    Mylar Colors

    First, those colors look awesome so thank you for sharing. Second , I wonder if you could run what cami suggested through a coffee grinder as a quick a d dirty solution?
  12. Uncle Arnies Tackle

    Cnc plastic mold air relief

    Are both your locators a negative feature? If so do you use magnets? that would be so cool. Sorry cant help much about the flashing.
  13. Uncle Arnies Tackle

    13 inch worm

    Whoa! That's a serious worm. I have heard of people taking stripers on them, what are you targeting? Worms look great by the way!
  14. Uncle Arnies Tackle

    13 inch worm

    That sounds awesome - can you share some pictures?
  15. Uncle Arnies Tackle

    Hoochie lure Mold

    This is what that was made on if it helps.