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  1. Uncle Arnies Tackle

    Hard Tail

    thank you for posting, cool Idea.
  2. Uncle Arnies Tackle

    Best RTV Silicone?

    haha - Yes, makes a little more sense in this hobby.
  3. Uncle Arnies Tackle

    Best RTV Silicone?

    When my hobby was building VWs and Audis instead of baits, it was always: Fast, Reliable, Cheap - Pick two. Cant knock anyone for wanting to save a buck though.
  4. Uncle Arnies Tackle

    Custom Printed Packaing

    .ai file will be the industry standard. Many companies will couple their printing with a large minimum order. That is all the information i have on the subject. I am sure someone else will chime in. Have fun and stay safe out there!
  5. Uncle Arnies Tackle

    Cheapest Bait Coloring?!?

    Here are two "Cheap" options that I have personally confirmed. 1) Linseed oil based paints (these colors WILL bleed into each other) ~24 colors for 14$. Read again that I am telling you these colors will bleed into each other, but they are alright for solid color baits. so if you shoot a lam with a clear, your non clear section will slowly seep into the clear section. 2) Mica based powders - 24 colors for 13$ check and double check you are procuring oil based paint and not Acrylic or what some people pass off as enamel. Both these are water based and you will end up wrecking your plastisol with a million little bubbles. I have caught fish with both options presented. I would also like to take this opportunity to support what was said above. Sometimes its worth spending the money. Anyways good luck out there and stay safe.
  6. Uncle Arnies Tackle


    that is incredible
  7. Uncle Arnies Tackle

    Starter Kit

    Some good advice here - like others here I started becuase I wanted to make something specific. That spiraled out of control, most expensive glow grubs I ever bought. Anyway - like others said, I'd skip the starter kit. 30 bucks is a tough sale, I'll assume you have saftey glasses and oven gloves. The rest goes down like this: 10$ will get you a pyrex cup and microwave. 13$ will get you 24 mica powders on amazon so you can make your own colors. https://www.amazon.com/Soap-Dye-Pigments-Colorant-Projects/dp/B079CGQDGB?keywords=mica+powder&qid=1536112723&sr=8-9&ref=mp_s_a_1_9 That leaves $7 for virgin plastic. Might have to melt down some old stuff until you pull the trigger on some plastic. Good luck out there and stay safe!
  8. Uncle Arnies Tackle

    Powder colorant

    I use the Mica powders found on Amazon. They do not bleed and are pretty cost effective.
  9. Uncle Arnies Tackle

    Getting Molds Made

    sent you a pm. I can convert it to step or stl for you.
  10. Uncle Arnies Tackle

    3D Printed molds

    Thanks for posting this - good to see some warm reception. This is what actually got me into lure making. 3 printers later I am still addicted. I recently went to an SLA printer and cannot believe the level of detail! good call on the thickness. I have been getting away with 1mm on ABS on 4.5" open pour baits. I am going to make a huge 10" one and will let you know if it takes the heat!!! also - check this guy on out Grabcad. He has a ton of cool models ready to print: https://grabcad.com/cooler-3
  11. Uncle Arnies Tackle

    Liquid UV Treatment

    I had the same issue... I solved it two ways. first run the UV powder through a coffee grinder, then take a small amount of the virgin plastic and shake the uv powder into it, this greatly reduces the amount of clumps you will see. You can do the same thing, without the grinder by adding it to your softener/ worm oil and shaking and adding. good luck!
  12. Uncle Arnies Tackle


  13. Uncle Arnies Tackle

    Walter didnt mind my bubbles

    Broke out the grubs
  14. Uncle Arnies Tackle

    Dipping baits after injecting

    Run a long needle through the tail up into the body and do it all at once.
  15. Uncle Arnies Tackle

    Dipping baits after injecting

    makes for a very nice finish, really brings out colors. I like to finish open pour swim baits this way.