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  1. Brick Steel

    devcon 2T epoxy?

    For some baits, I put glitter in the first coat of epoxy. I’ve found that with glitter there are usually some bumps in that coat. I lightly sand off the bumps and then apply a second coat of epoxy. I thin both coats slightly with denatured alcohol, the second a little more than the first. On baits without glitter, I usually do just one coat.
  2. Brick Steel

    Having trouble with stencils for crankbaits

    I read some advise on this forum a while back which I think was very helpful. When I make my stencils, I take extra care to remove any plastic burrs from the inside of the stencil. For many stencils, I use a Dremel tool to cut them, which can leave burrs. I’ll sand them with steel wool and also use an Exacto knife to remove burrs. I also prefer to do my stenciling as an interim step, so I can cover up any marring with subsequent layers of paint. I also found that stencils that are too form fitting can cause marring even without burrs. I trimmed those stencils down to reduce the rubbing that occurs taking them on and off.
  3. Brick Steel

    Finally putting down the rattle can

    A couple of pictures of my set up. The lime green air hose runs from the compressor output up the wall and through the ceiling and then back down into my shop and my two in line regulators. The regulators are supposed to trap water and I have a separate valve to release any water. This seems to work really well. I can operate at pressures of 10 psi and have gone below.
  4. Brick Steel

    Finally putting down the rattle can

    I use the same type regulator as Desertbird recommends.
  5. Brick Steel

    Finally putting down the rattle can

    TrashmanSam, what tank pressure and outlet pressure are you using on your compressor. I keep my tank at about 120 and the outlet at about 100. Then I have a regulator and gauge in my shop. I have slight drops inpressure when spraying but not much. I hope that makes sense. There is a way to post pictures in a gallery on Tackle Underground, but I have not done that yet. They don’t like us to include pictures on these discussion boards unless they explanatory. I would like to see some pictures of baits your doing for trout. I’ve been doing all Bass baits but would like to make some speckled trout and red fish baits as well. As far as PC is doing, you’re right, pictures don’t do it justice. We got hammered. It’s going to be a slow recovery. We are making progress, though. Thanks for coming over to help.
  6. Brick Steel

    Can anyone identify this blank....

    I agree with NM Hevi. It looks like a Bandit, but I don't know who makes bandit-like blanks.
  7. Brick Steel

    Finally putting down the rattle can

    Hey Trashman. I am also a Floridian and started airbrushing baits a little less than a year ago. I just took about two months off because we got hit real hard by Hurricane Michael, but painted a few baits this week. I use an Eclipse air brush and some of the best advice I've seen has to do with thinning the paint to the consistency of milk. That requires different amounts depending on the paint. I also use Createx paint and have found that opaque white comes out of the bottle pretty thick, to the point that it won't spray at all well. I thin it with reducer and I turn the pressure up to about 35 psi. I only use that paint as a base coat. The pearlized paints don't require as much thinning, but still require some. I think they also require a slightly higher pressure - maybe between 25 and 30 psi. Also on the pearlized, I find it best to apply a little bit, set it with a heat gun and then apply a little more. Otherwise it gets blobby and uneven. I think its good to do that with any paint (light coat and then heat set). The more detail and finesse I need, the lower the pressure, although I've never used anything below about 15 psi. I put a paper covering on my work table and when I mix my paint and set the pressure where I think it should be, I test it on the paper work surface. I can adjust the consistency or pressure before I apply paint to the bait. There are lots of decent youtube videos that can help you get started. The folks here are really helpful as well. Have fun! Btw, when you say flats, are you fishing for bass in the lower end of the rivers, or fish like speckled trout and redfish?
  8. Brick Steel

    Blanks with Holographic on the inside

    I got some Poppers from Dinger Baits that have internal holographic effect. I don't know if they have crankbaits with the same effect, but it would be a good place to look.
  9. Brick Steel

    Trying to track down a few RC .5 bodies

    I don't know. I think it works the way MegaBass describes, but I haven't fished that bait since late spring. I probably won't get a chance to go for a couple of months. If I do, ill try it out. In the mean time, maybe someone else can weigh in on it.
  10. Brick Steel

    Trying to track down a few RC .5 bodies

    I have fished the Cedar Run version and like it. A six pound bass also liked it, so now I like it even more.
  11. Brick Steel


    I also use a shop air compressor, but I piped air lines from my garage into my enclosed shop which is a small room off the garage. I also insulated the room, primarily for cooling, but it also greatly reduces the noise from the compressor. Basically moving the air compressor away and not in a direct line would help. I also added filters and regulators like Eastman03. With the plumbing it is important to do the soapy water test on all fittings to eliminate leaks.
  12. Brick Steel

    Air Brush Paint

    I only use Createx as well. I have read about and now use a heat gun after applying a coat of paint to help the paint to cure. However you have to be careful about too much heat. I learned that by warping one of my first baits. Some people use a hair dryer. I use Createx High Performance reducer to thin my paint. The milk consistency seems to be about right. Some paints require a little more thinning than others, to get to the same consistency. I have found that the Createx opaque white, that I usually use a base coat, is pretty thick and requires more reducer to get to the right consistency. There is a lot of trial and error to learning this, even with good advice. Something I heard when first starting is to expect some failures. That was good advice. BTW, there are a lot of YouTube videos that are helpful when starting.
  13. Brick Steel

    Air Brush

    I started painting baits about 6 months ago and have been using Iwata Eclipse HP CS. These work great and have allowed me to make some nice baits. If you have a Hobby Lobby near by, you can get one for about $150 and use Hobby Lobby’s 40 percent off coupon and it’s less than $100. I did a lot of research before buying and saw some of cheaper ones (including the Iwata NEO) splatter and are difficult to clean. I think some people give up on bait painting because they can’t get good results with the brushes they are using, so I think a good brush is worth it. By the way Tackle Underground has been a great help to me as I’ve gotten started.
  14. Brick Steel

    Strip paint

    I started stripping baits because I've had store bought baits where the finish did not hold up. I really like the style of the baits (Cotton Cordell Boy Howdies), so I decided to remove the old finish and repaint them. At first I tired just sanding but it was very laborious. Then I tried acetone, but it harmed the surface of the plastic baits. Now I use denatured alcohol. I soak a half paper towel in the alcohol and then wrap the paper towel around the bait. Then I wrap that in aluminum foil, tightly, to keep the alcohol from evaporating. I let it set for a couple of days. On some baits the finish and paint just peels off and some still require a little sanding or scraping, but nothing compared to sanding them all the way. Also, I have not noticed any damage to the bait bodes. I top coat with epoxy and one bait I refinished caught 45 bass before a fish broke it off. The manufacturers finish would have been pretty much destroyed after ten fish.
  15. Brick Steel

    Glitter and Epoxy

    I followed Chuck's advice and lightly sanded off the bumps and then put another coat of epoxy on. That looks like it did the trick. Thanks....also for the advice about the unicorn shirt!