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  1. Hello, I'm trying to start building my own inline spinners. I've tried the old Cabela's kit a couple years ago. But that didn't come with size information. It was fine for trying it out. I would like to make spinners for Trout, Bass, Panfish, etc. I know what parts I need. I'm just having trouble figuring out the component (blades/clevis/hooks/beads-) sizes. Is there any guide that all the biggies (Jann's Netcraft / Hagen's / Lurepartsonline / Barlows-) follow? Are all the components the same size from each seller, or are there variations? IE: Size 4 at Janns is Size 4 at Hagens & LurePartsOnline. But is a Size 3 at Barlows. Does anyone have a general size guide for each seller?
  2. Technique: I'm just looking to make a all purpose rod, nothing specific. Micro guides: Not sure what I want yet. A couple different brands I can check out in single / double foot. I would be using this rod with spinning & casting reels.
  3. So your saying both MHX & CRB are ok. But go with MHX. Order of choice. #1 MHX #2 CRB #3 eZ Kit If I did go with the eZ Kit which blank(s)? What guides should I check out?
  4. Hello all, I would like to try my hand at building a custom rod. After some searching I narrowed down to these kits. http://www.mudhole.com/CRB-2-Piece-Freshwater-Turnkey-Rod-Kits CRB 2-Piece Freshwater Turnkey Rod Kits $154.99 http://www.mudhole.com/MHX-Light-Freshwater-Turnkey-Rod-Kits MHX Light Freshwater Turnkey Rod Kits $179.99 What are the pros/cons for each? Which would be better for a all around rod. Another "kit" I found was this. http://www.mudhole.com/Ultimate-eZ-Rod-Builder-Hand-Wrapper-Supply-Kit Ultimate eZ Rod Builder Hand Wrapper & Supply Kit $79.95 But I need to add a blank & guides. I would like to know your thoughts on these blanks. http://www.mudhole.com/76-Med-Heavy-CRB-IS761MH-Color-Series-Spin-Cast-Rod-Blank http://www.mudhole.com/MHX-FS904-Flipping-Stick-Rod-Blank http://www.mudhole.com/MHX-P904-2-Popping-Rod-Blank http://www.mudhole.com/MHX-CB905-Blend-Crankbait-Rod-Blank http://www.mudhole.com/MHX-Crankbait-Rod-Blank-CB906 As for guides, I don't know what I should look for. Any recommendations? Thx
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