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  1. How many do you usually coat at a time before you ever start cleaning your brush?
  2. Does anyone know of the best NON MCU clear coat. Is MCU even best to use anyway? I mean I'm just trying to get some ideas on what I should be using. I'm thinking seriously about just using tap the can method and just dispense out little at a time and brush it on then hang them up to dry. But how do you get the stuff out of a brush once it starts setting up?
  3. That's what I use is Mason jars. Also I dip quick to ensure that it's not open long.
  4. I would use it and right before I sealed it back up I would barely lift lid spray it in there and then seal it.
  5. You talking about after you use it?
  6. I've tried the bloxygen stuff KBS makes with no luck. I sprayed in in there then immediately closed it off go back and open it and its skimmed over. I just can't use it up fast enough before it starts hardening up.
  7. I use Diamond clear to clear coat my baits. I have to dip them due to the quantities I make. I have a hell of a time keeping it from setting up in my jars and I line the tops with zip lock bags before screwing the top on. If I go to the tap the can method how is that gonna work when I'm dipping my baits? I have to have a good bit to dip into. Any suggestions?
  8. What kind of mold putty or clay should I use to make my silicone molds?
  9. Also what kind of rubber is that you using
  10. Travis how do you get those molds poured and lined up like that without a frame? If I took mine out of the wooden frames I wouldn't have anyway to line them up. But with that said I'm wondering if mine would work better if I took them out of the frames and just clamped the rubber halves together?
  11. My RTV is poured into wooden frames over my pattern, Then I put backs on them after I take them off pattern after they cure.
  12. Should I make vent holes in the RTV rubber itself or is the gate I have drilled in the mold enough? I mean this is not making sense, why they are coming out bigger.
  13. I can leave them in mold overnight and they still come out bigger
  14. Would anyone know why a mold would turn out a bigger part than the pattern it was made with? It does have a gate hole drilled into it to let air out. That's what is blowing my mind.
  15. It's a moisture cured urethane
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