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  1. rdhammah

    Lead jig molds, silicone skirts, bucktails, hooks, etc.

    anyone ever get a response? just wondering.
  2. rdhammah

    The lies about salt for the newbie

    what is the difference between worm salt and table salt? If what you are trying to do is add weight and use less plastic, would adding beach sand do the same thing?
  3. rdhammah

    Which way?

    going to try to combine a swimbait with a curly tail. should I set the tail to curl toward the back or the belly? Anyone try a 2 part top pour mold for a curly tail bait?
  4. rdhammah

    bubbles in Plaster of Paris molds

    it works! only had 3 minor bubbles that I filled all on the same bait. the other 2 were flawless (almost)
  5. rdhammah

    bubbles in Plaster of Paris molds

    will try that next time I make a mold. thanks. Any other suggestions would be welcomed. willing to try them all
  6. Tried searching this topic but could not find anything on it but I know this has come up before. When I make a POP mold, the bottom comes out perfect. No residual bubbles. after it dries for a day, I apply a small amount of Vaseline to aid in demolding. I Mix the POP/water 2:1 and slowly mix. Before I pour the mix into the mold to make the top half, I tap the cup to get rid of bubbles. I pour the mix and tap to make the bubbles rise. I demold after a day. there are a ton of fairly large bubbles. I have tried using a thinner mix with the same results. How do I get rid of these bubbles?
  7. rdhammah

    Lead jig molds, silicone skirts, bucktails, hooks, etc.

    shad head molds 3/4 and 1 oz?
  8. rdhammah

    Which plastic to start with?

    poly sol is decent. just started this new hobby. $29/gal of plastisol
  9. rdhammah

    Bone Color

    reheat the white enough and it will turn bone color. you won't notice it if you keep working with it, but if you compare it with a batch that you made fresh, you will see it like night and day
  10. rdhammah

    Painting plastics

    any way to do this without air brushing or permanent marker (bleeds into bait)?
  11. rdhammah

    Soft Bait Glue - PVC Cement

    my concern with these glues is which glue does not melt the plastic? when I use super glue to glue down my baits to make molds, the glue rots the bait.
  12. rdhammah

    Cheapest soft plastisol brand /supplier!?

    can anyone compare polysol vs bait junkie's medium? preference between the two and why?
  13. rdhammah

    Rufus poop

    I was thinking watermelon - light on the coloring
  14. rdhammah

    Lure eyes for swimbaits

    Munroe76, are those regular stick on eyes that you can buy at a fly tie shop? I like the dip idea. easy peasy
  15. rdhammah

    Lure eyes for swimbaits

    WOW! these things look like real smelt!