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  1. wow, just saw this topic. So sorry to hear that you got sick from this stuff. Thank you for the list of precautions. I do a little lead pouring and use wheel weights. I do this during nice weather when I can do it outside and upwind of any breezes. But I never paid attn to the residue from handling the lead. I will from now on. Good luck and stay well
  2. I use 5 min epoxy, thinned with acetone. apply coats and allow to dry in between coats til glossy. don't lose any detail.
  3. you need a vent for each cavity. at the tail of each bait, cut a line straight out to the end of the mold. This allows air to . shoot the plastic little warmer and slower
  4. does anyone know of any company who makes a mold for the Mr. Twister Split Tail grub?
  5. was there any sediment at the bottom of your container? I had some lurecraft medium formula that has separated and the bottom was caked solid. I bought it at a yard sale. was told that it was about 3 years old. I stirred, shook and stirred some more while digging into it. finally got a good mix and has been working ok. I have been adding a little hardener here and there. For $15 for the full gallon, I'm getting a lot of mileage out of it. I'm sorry. I digress. Ideas? make sure you got it mixed well. add some hardener.
  6. you asked if it goes bad. how old is it? if not old, contact the mfg
  7. most of my molds are POP molds so there are a lot of waves and irregularities. Sounds like tin foil would be my best option. gotta give it a try
  8. I inquired about this and got this response from Bugmold: Dear friend, we produce from 2 sorts of material: stone or aluminum. Stone is our regular material. It's 2.27 times cheaper than aluminum. Stone is a sort of artificial acrilic plastic. It's rather durable and hard.
  9. anyone ever get a response? just wondering.
  10. what is the difference between worm salt and table salt? If what you are trying to do is add weight and use less plastic, would adding beach sand do the same thing?
  11. going to try to combine a swimbait with a curly tail. should I set the tail to curl toward the back or the belly? Anyone try a 2 part top pour mold for a curly tail bait?
  12. it works! only had 3 minor bubbles that I filled all on the same bait. the other 2 were flawless (almost)
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