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  1. This is also what I do with some of my molds, flukes, stingers and craws mainly. You can get pretty creative hand pouring the bottom and then shooting the top. I have been able to get craws with 4 different color by hand pouring 2 colors on the bottom for the tail and body, a different color for the claws, and then shooting the 4th color for the top of the craw. Its time consuming but you can get some really unique baits. I have never had an issue with them coming apart either. I usually make sure I shoot the injector a little hotter than normal to make sure they bond well.
  2. I have MF non-bleed flo. pink colorant and haven't had any issues with it bleeding. I have done a number of white body/pink tail 2" paddle tails and haven't had a single one bleed. MF non-bleed florescent colors are about all I use if I am making florescent baits. You might have to use a few more drops than other brands but i have never had them bleed.
  3. just a quick update about my BTS mold. Got a shipping notification Thursday, 16 business days depending on how much got done around Easter. So mine was at the low end of the 14-26 business days, excited to get the mold and shoot a few.
  4. What size are they? Jacobs Molds has some similar to that. http://stores.jacobsbaits.com/split-tail-1-3-4-12-cavity-mold-3-16-dia-body/
  5. Is this the same as Do-it WB400? I was also reading a post before where there was an issue with these not fitting right, is that issue fixed. I would like to order 1000 but don't want to waste my time and money if there are still issues. Thanks for the input!
  6. I don't have a dual injector so I still mess around with my open pour silicon. I have a swimbait, jerkbait, and paddletail. They were frustrating at first because I wasn't getting the plastic warm enough to flow right. I had to do a ton of trimming and sometimes I wasn't getting the tails to fully pour. With practice I have gotten better with them. There is way more skill required in hand pouring than in shooting injection molds. Some of the best looking baits come out of hand pour molds.
  7. The first baits I ever made, I used plastic molds from Jann's. They are the type where you pour your plastic in a reservoir and there is a plastic plunger you use to "inject" the plastic. They worked fine but are tedious, time consuming, and dented. You had to oil them frequently so the bait wouldn't stick, a lot like stone molds. I don't use them anymore now that I have my aluminum molds and a couple stone molds. The only one I would even consider using is the Ned mold and thats because I haven't gotten an aluminum one yet. Having tried plastic, stone, open pour silicon, and aluminum, aluminum is by far superior.
  8. I am not too worried about it. I will give it to the beginning of May and if I don't hear anything I will send off an email to see the status. I just want the mold before summer since I throw a lot of soft plastic jerk baits during that time for smallmouth in the creeks. I ordered the 4.25" jointed jerk bait mold.
  9. Its up to 14-26 Business Days. I ordered a mold last Monday, just hope to get it by mid-May.
  10. BuckeyeFishing

    Lead Molds and Hooks

    Did you get my PM?
  11. Shoot me a pm with your email address and I will forward to you
  12. I put mine in a toaster oven set at like 150-200 degrees. I only leave it in for a couple minutes and also pre-heat my molds that way to. Work awesome in the winter when the garage is in the 30s-40s.
  13. Awesome, nice to hear they are a quality injector
  14. That cutter looks nice. I would really like to get their 2.75" double dipper tube and that cutter but I just can't make up my mind between that or the ultra molds 3.25" tube that I don't need a cutter for. Pour more tubes and cut tails or pour less tubes and don't have to cut tails. Thats the eternal tube makers question...LOL
  15. The only issue I have had with my stone molds is that the runners are really small. On one mold, the runner is literally the size of a 1/8th oz slip sinker. There is not much waste in their molds as far as extra stone material. If I shoot too hot, the baits will dent because their isn't enough of a runner to pull from, these are top injected swim baits. Topping off doesn't help because the runner and gate freeze pretty quickly. These took a little trial and error to dial in consistent baits what wouldn't dent.
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