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  1. My dad and I are searching for a 4 oz bottom bouncer mold to no avail. We have found the three models from Do-It and talked to them on the phone, however they only go up to 3 oz. I'm positive that a 4 oz would work better for our fishing, but am having the damndest time finding one. It was recommended I seek out Hilts, but am coming up empty there too, so thought maybe I could get some feedback from this forum to see if anyone else has knowledge of that big of a bottom bouncer mold, aside from taking a blank and finding a local C&C shop to bore it out. Has anyone here ever come across a 4oz mold? Thanks for your time, if anyone could give me feedback either way.
  2. Thank you for the clarification on the patent vs trademark. I appreciate that and will continue on then.
  3. I'm glad to find this thread and hope it's not so old that maybe I could still get a response... so to make sure I get what y'all are sayin, it's best to contact Do-It to clarify any namenclature thru them first, but we also have to be concerned if there is a tackle making company out there that has a patent on names that anybody should be able to use? I've tried to navigate the patents site a few times but it just makes me weary because what if I missed something in my search. I didn't even know about the Captain Dan's dispute or the other one while looking up to see what the etiquette is for naming our custom jigs. Is this kind of info regularly published in some central location? Or do I just have to comb thru lots of literature and hope I don't miss something so as not to step on anyone's toes? I mean. I thought that anyone could copy my design and just change one design element and not be breaking any copyright laws... anyone willing to help school me on this?
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