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  1. Interesting... I've always called a muddy brown with light orange tail (tube) to be a Bruise. I wish I had a dictionary that housed the color combinations for lure making. Following..
  2. I just use a paper towel as I go, wiping excess oil each go round. I always clean my molds prior to their use and when I'm finished I hit them with a silicon spray for storage. I find that when I get them back out the silicon spray has pooled and brings residual colors out from the tiny crevasses in the aluminum molds.
  3. I have been using HazardDiscs from Golden Grub High-temp glitter I found through Ebay. Have made hundreds of lures this year and this glitter has not folded, flashed, smoked or bled due to the heat. The glitter shines very well and I'm very pleased with their product and will continue to purchase from them. Even after multiple heat ups, mixes and random plastic batches the glitter still looks GREAT!.
  4. Do you hand paint/color the lures, or do you use a dual injector?
  5. I am the one with the eyes for swim baits .

     email me  at       bassboysbaits@cmsinter.net

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    2. Bronzeback Cowboy

      Bronzeback Cowboy

      Jklahre62@comcast.net What made you decide to get out of the soft plastic game?

    3. Bass-Boys


      been doing it for 13 years,,  my day job  has been working me overtime a lot and that doesn't leave enough time to make baits for the 9 shops I had .

       just time to only do baits for friends and family..

       invoice on the way ..  

        is that swim bait the only one you have for eyes?   or do you need different sizes for other stuff ?


    4. Bronzeback Cowboy

      Bronzeback Cowboy

      That's the only one I have with eyes. Thanks for sending them out for me. I can't wait to try them out. 

  6. Nice! I think I will try this myself. Great tip!
  7. Anyone else curious what has happened to the leader-boards? Where did the links go?
  8. Awesome! I just got my setup for tail splitting working like an engine. It's amazing to me that in 2018 there isn't a standard, go to product for this reason given the popularity for making soft plastics. Sure lurecraft has one but not everyone wants to drop $140 for a press that only does one thing. How long would you say your blades last? Additionally, what kind of oil are you using (if any) on your blades?
  9. Thanks for the tip! Where can I place a small order for them? I would like to try them out!
  10. And how does the flow of the current influence that drop...
  11. I think this is such a great question. To a newbie like myself, I sit here thinking that the way I rig my bass tubes the amount of salt shouldn't matter because the bait will fail with the weight of the jighead and not the density of the tube. Anyone else able to elaborate?
  12. So I measured the eye last night. I came up with 1/4 inch from the front of the eye to the back. Would you recommend getting a size smaller? Do you have flat ones?
  13. Bronzeback Cowboy

    Todays creation

    Just shot a little batch of these guys. Royal Blue and Yellow Gold glitter. Green pumpkin base.
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