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  1. Try shooting it faster, I have the 2.8” version and when I used it shooting fast filled the tails better.
  2. Canga~


    I am no expert, but I believe worm oil is essentially the same as softener, and most scents are scented worm oil. I have remelted plastic that has worm oil in it, and scents and haven’t had any problems.
  3. heat stabilizer will help a ton, as will a probe thermometer. i dont use a themometer after the initial heat, just go by the viscosity of the plastic, but i use the exact heating routine every time, and its worked well. until you get used to the platic you use, the microwave you use and that sort of thing, check the temp more and use stabilizer and your colors should stay true reheat after reheat.
  4. not sure what this grub is supposed to be, but it is HUGE, i bought one hoping it would be on the small side of 4" grubs but it made a 4" kalins look small by comparison, and IMO a 4" kalins is a large grub. i returned it the day after i got it!
  5. Perhaps look at the fluorescent green that bait plastics pops up on every page, might be close. I haven’t used any of it yet but looks interesting
  6. Hmm, wonder if they still have the other one!
  7. When I was looking for a large injector basstackle didn’t have one listed and did not respond to a couple emails asking about the 10oz availability. It’s still not on the site. I would have probably gotten one of those, but glad I got the quality injector since it’s much shorter than the basstackle and looks less awkward to handle (IMO)
  8. I have a 12oz from them and it’s great ( other than the o-rings), quality construction, heats up quickly and keeps the heat nicely.
  9. So I got an injector off Facebook, (quality injector and more) and the injector is great, high quality, dual locking pins, 12oz capacity and doesn’t leave a giant plug after injecting. But the orings that came with it are not good and the only ones they have are the same as I got. where should I go to get new orings, is there any specific type I should be looking for? Essentially I’m looking for a larger diameter version of what you get in a basstackle injector. thanks!
  10. Yes I got mine earlier this week, it was 35 days for mine to ship. Totally worth the wait, molds are awesome and shoot perfect, I got the n3d core and a 3.4” ecto craw... won’t be my last order for sure
  11. Triple injector too, spendy though!
  12. Probably, I know angling ai says 21-28 days, I’m on day 31 with no update since the order confirmation. I didn’t have any problems with the only order from BTS, got it in like 4 days from ordering to my door, last summer/fall.
  13. well, plastic isnt going to be more than 400 on the very high side, and lead melts at like 620*, so im sure if it holds up to lead that plastic will not be a problem!
  14. agreed with the above, i think all of the american (and canadian) mold makers are very high quality. i have molds from angling ai, basstackle, bts, and doit (both cnc and ES) and they are all good molds. find a design you like and buy with confidence.
  15. Yes you can, add a little heat stabilizer, cut it up into small pieces and you will be good to go.
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