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  1. Canga~


    Water, at the very least gets moisture in the plastic causing mass bubbles, at worst, in hot plastic, the rapid boiling of the water could cause a small explosion sending molten plastic flying (not as bad as into hot lead, but still bad!!) as for micas, I think they are pretty much all useable. I have used some powder pigments that didn’t mix into the plastic but no other adverse affects. pearl vs liquid, it’s pretty much what you said. Most pearl/mica has the pearlized effect. There are some matte finish powders that won’t give that, and look similar to a liquid. I also haven’t had any micas bleed, they stay pretty colorfast. So for certain colors (red being notorious for bleeding even in non-bleed) it works better imo.
  2. Canga~


    The powders (pearl x) from hobby lobby work great, I don’t think I would use any “dyes” from there due to not really knowing what’s in them. If they were water based it would be very bad. For liquid colorants I stick to the bait making sites. i use a lot of mica powders meant for automotive paint, there is a ton on eBay and many other sites. Also the ones meant for makeup and candle making work well.
  3. Canga~


    The pearl powders opens up a whole other world of options! So many vendors and colors, color shifts, it’s really crazy what’s out there
  4. Canga~


    black, white, chartreuse, watermelon, non-bleed red, an orange variation. I wouldn't get too caught up on what you order first, if you are like most of us you will end up getting almost all of the colors available anyways!
  5. I saw it on facebook (I think chris jones from worlds worst fishing) said they weren't producing them right now. not sure if they will again, but for the time being it seems they are not
  6. I saw them on marling baits video, looked into them a bit. The molds look really good I just haven’t pulled the trigger yet.
  7. Need to clamp the mold a little tighter and mal sure there is nothing preventing the mold from closing all the way
  8. yeah I will get around to it at some point, I bought a 10oz from basstackle one of the times they have had them in stock in the last 6months or so, its great, at some point ill get an oring for the quality injector and use that too.
  9. I have a 12oz from quality injector, it’s not bad, I really like it. Unfortunately the O-rings it came with were garbage and weren’t useable after probably 10 uses, and I have not been able to find replacements (I think McMaster Carr sells them but not sure what size!) otherwise it’s a nice injector, not quality basstackle quality, but not far off
  10. I have looked for my phone, with the flashlight on my phone. I’m only 36...
  11. Yeah It’s not a terrible mold, I have since moved on to the fat guys fishing rip Shad and slim rip (both 3”) in top inject and am way happier than the es ripper. To each their own, I mostly do laminates in swimbaits (first the angling Ai hammer and little hammer, now added the rip shads) so the ripper isn’t in play any more!
  12. my complaint with the essentials series has nothing to do with the finish of the baits, at least the 2 I have simply don't shoot as well as any of the cnc molds I have. the 3" cnc ripper (single cavity which im not a fan of either!) is damn near impossible to get dents in, temp doesn't effect it too much,. shoot it slow, shoot it fast it comes out perfect. the es 3" ripper, I have played with that mold a ton, very tough for me to get a dent free run out of that mold.
  13. look at: angling ai, baitjunkys, fat guys fishing, bass tackle, enforcer, bts molds, do-it, all make good molds, some better than others but they all work great. I PERSONALLY stay away from the do-is essentials series (im sure if you look around you will see the pros and cons of these molds)
  14. fat guys makes some great molds, and they have a ton that aren't on their website, they have many that (so far) are only available through facebook
  15. They are similar, lots of tail kick, not a whole lot of body roll but it’s a small bait so I expected that (threw it on a 1/8th jig). Tail moves great on a very slow retrieve and doesn’t blow out fishing faster i just got the mold a few days ago and have 33° water right now, so I haven’t used it other that a short test session. It looks great and I’m sure it will catch fish though.
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