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  1. Mikael Axelqvist

    Glitter for Electric Shad

    I just sent an email to the company and they confirmed that Lureworks sparkle violet is a match to the glitter in Electric Shad. Now I just need to find out how to get a jar of it to Finland....
  2. Mikael Axelqvist

    Glitter for Electric Shad

    Well, my first guess was iridescent purple. I made a test with a fine iridescent purple from Brightbaits, but it was completely wrong..... Lureworks' Sparkle violet might be the right one.... or then again not.... Have anyone used sparkle violet from Lureworks? Since I'm in Europe(Finland), it's not worth ordering one jar of glitter from USA. I need to check if there is a dealer for Lureworks products in Europe. About the back color.... the color on Bass Assassin and Keitech differ from each other. The back on BA looks to me like a translucent/ smokey black with fine black (and some sparkle violet?) glitter, while the back of Keitech's Electric Shad looks like a translucent green pumpkin or similar with black flakes. I think you can play around with the backside, the THING about this color in my opinion is the bellyside glitter. I also noticed, that the same glitter can be found on Bass Assassin's Hammertime.
  3. Mikael Axelqvist

    Glitter for Electric Shad

    Hi folks! I wonder if anyone here knows what belly side glitter is used in Bass Assassin's and Keitech's Electric Shad? It looks like some kind of an iridescent color, but I haven't been able to identify it. Would very much appreciate the help!