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  1. Thanks. Never would have thought so much to consider about salt but your info helps.
  2. Also, I notice, salt is needed also... Is there anything special to the salt than it is finely ground?
  3. Wow, Lureworks has a great selection, thanks! Will I need the heat stabilizer specific for plastisol? And will I need any of the hardener/softer ingredients as additives? I watch videos and people just throw this stuff in without much instruction.
  4. Thank's everyone for their contribution and insight on this website. I want to test my own POP molds with a small batch of plastic. I'm starting with Senkos. I'm ordering Baitjunky's 1 Gal plastisol. What else all do I need to make the Senkos? Plastisol is not your ordinary material but aren't the additives such as heat stabilizer, hardener, softner, worm oil, pigments, and scents things you can buy elsewhere? Thanks again.
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