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  1. I thought that this is the best place to post this. The parts came in that I ordered and I have been looking at this and thinking ( oh Lord ) and this is what I came up with. Ordered the vibratory motors that Kasil recommended and I also got these speed controls. They have a high and low voltage with the rheostat so you have a wide range of variable speed with the motors. To mount the motors I scribed ( roughly ) some 3/4" PVC bd. to the 3" ABS end caps and used my belt sander to shape it. Glued it with PVC pipe glue and because of the vibration I wanted a mechanical fastener so I countersunk some ss screws. To try to isolate the vibration I found some rubber T - nuts and used a ss screw slipped thru the T-nut. The wood base was shaking some ( expected ) so I had some felt pads that I put on the base and that helped quite a bit. To power the motors which are DC. I used an old battery that came out of my boat and I will have that hooked up to a maintainer ( just on a charger now ). Made it out plywood laying around and a piece of 3/4 fir leftover.
  2. I just started using this hook in an Ultra mold. I fished it last week and caught some flounder and a Red on it around the oyster beds. The hook held up ( using 15 lb. mono w/ 12 lb. fluro ). Captain Hooks as stated above has them in more sizes but if you need 2/0 and smaller,, LPO has better numbers.
  3. 4/0

    Couple of jigs I made

    Didn't mean to post in the wrong section. Still learning my way around here. I've read some stuff on bucktail that using to much will give less " fluff". I'm putting a wrap of short hair 3/8" or so on the collar first to try to help the longer hair flair out more. Experimenting with that. The thread has been tricky for me tension wise, I break it quite a bit and I some Ultra thread coming to try. The paint is fun and frustrating at the same time if that makes any sense. I have learned that when you dip the brush into the powder the next step is to tap the brush over the jar a couple times so there is little powder left on the brush. Heating is also tricky. Been trying different epoxy's but they yellow quickly. I found this CS coatings product ( clear not the UV ) at Barlow's and does not yellow but when I use the clearcoat over Red eyes it clouds the eye. Just on the Red ones. So still working on that. Thanks, 4/0
  4. Getting a little better I think. Still waiting on parts for the fluid bed but went ahead with these to learn some more. Thought's ?
  5. 4/0

    Hook strength question

    I worked on the mold and did not destroy it. The 32833 Hooks look good I think. I do like how the eye of the hook is tight to the jig and not sticking out. Going to order some 5/0 hooks for the 5/8's jig. A couple pictures below. Thanks for the help and advice. 4/0
  6. 4/0

    Hook strength question

    Thanks for the help. I ordered 100 each 3/0 & 4/0 of the 32833 NP-BN. I'll post up a couple pictures after I see how they work.
  7. 4/0

    Hook strength question

    Just found this hook at Capt.Hooks . They have it up to 6/0. Thanks .
  8. 4/0

    Hook strength question

    Munkin, Thanks, I need 3/ & 4/0. dang it. I'm going to use a 90 d hook though. I don't like the way the eye " sticks " out so far above the top of jig with the 60 D hook. Every piece of grass would find that and wrap up. Appreciate the help, 4/0
  9. 4/0

    Hook strength question

    Mark, Thanks for the reply. Here is a picture of my mold with 60 degree 32786 hooks. I set these jigs in the mold to get an idea of the hook placement.
  10. I have a Ultra Minnow mold that I need to get some more hooks for. Do it is spec ing a EC 570 or 575 or a Gamaktsu 604. Cadman sent me some O'shaunnesy hooks that worked and are strong enough with a long shank but these guy's down are fixated on Black Nickel. Will not buy tinned or sliver hooks for Inshore fish. Fishing heavy stuff, oyster beds etc. big redfish are around here in another couple weeks 25-45lbs. The 570's bend. Not sure about the 604's. I have some jigs that I got from a guy and his mold is modded for Mustad 32786BN but these are a 60 degree hook so I think they would change the way the jig fishes. VMC ( guy's down LOVE these hooks) has the 7247 BN which will fit the mold also. So the wire size on these hooks for 3/0 is; Gamaktsu 604 - .042 - most $$ of all of them VMC 7247 - . 038 - Third most $ Mustad - 32786 - ..054 least $ big mold mod, 60 degree hook fits Manic Mullet mold too. EC has the 570 H which .041 but it's a Bronze. So I think I'm down to the Gamaktsu or the VMC as options ? Sorry got long winded here but do ya'll have any ideas on these hooks or another BN hook that I have not found. Thanks, 4/0
  11. 4/0

    Hagens tool question

    Yes. I was disappointed but it is a nice well made tool and I appreciate that. I have been intrigued by some of these inline spinners I see guys making here. The feather one are neat. Think they might be good for Speckled trout and maybe Redfish here inshore. I can experiment later with this tool doing that and whatever else comes up.
  12. 4/0

    Hagens tool question

    Thought I would give an update on the Hagen's wire former. It will not make the haywire twists with light wire. I need to use the AFW #5 wire which is .014 . https://afwfishing.com/afw_products/S05C-25.asp I emailed Hagen's and they replied ( promptly) that the adaptor is not made for light wire. I played around with it and it does make the bends and wraps very good. So back to square one with the haywire twists. Last big tournament is next week so that will be it for the year here.
  13. 4/0

    Fluid Bed Build

    Kasil, Thanks. I like the mounting option with these. Plan right now is to take some PVC board and scribe it to the outside of the base cup. Countersink and fasten then mount the vib. motor to that. Mount the base of the cup to the wood with some isolation blocks on the bottom of the cup. I'll post some pictures when it's built. Appreciate it, 4/0
  14. 4/0

    Fluid Bed Build

    Kasil, Thanks. I just found them. My original search, I put vibrator motors. Not the smartest thing I've done lately. These should work and I have a battery maintainer that should run them. I'm going to try a different isolation mount for the cups. I'll post pictures when I'm done. https://www.ebay.com/itm/uxcell-DC-12V-4200RPM-Vibrating-Vibration-Motor-for-Massage-Cushion/124257480921?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144 . https://www.ebay.com/itm/DC-10-60V-6A-PWM-DC-Motor-Speed-Controller-Reversible-Switch-Regulator-Switch/112932621723 . Plan right now is to have a controller for each cup ( three of them ) since each paint seems to have a different density. Some like the Super white do fine. I have more problems with the chrome and metallic powders. Appreciate the help from everyone, 4/0
  15. 4/0

    Fluid Bed Build

    I found that thread and I have it on my laptop. I started searching for the "vibrator" motors and it got pretty weird.
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