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  1. Clemmy, you found it. Thank you so much. It really means a lot to me.
  2. I found my old YouTube channel 4swimbait., where I posted videos of testing the swim baits in the bathtub & some in the Delta. I will see if I can find the photos I used for the tutorial and possibly re-write it again. The reason I was reaching out to is because, we had a house fire in January, Everybody got out safely, thank god. We will rebuild & replace items as we go. Thanks again (TackleUndergroud) for teaching and helping me build from scratch. I’ll never forget the knowledge or memories.
  3. Hello everyone. It’s been too many years. I was wondering if somebody could help me. I made a 40 page to Tutorial on how to make hinged segment swim baits. I used PVC outdoor molding materials & posted it on this website. If anybody knows about this tutorial and you can help me find it, I would appreciate it. By the way everybody on this website taught me everything I needed to know on how to make swim baits. Thanks again. Tim
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