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  1. Anyone looking to sell their plastic injection molding equipment and molds.
  2. Do you know how it is tied so they don't tangle?
  3. I want to make some molds shaped like a baitfish so I can pour resin type heads on my umbrella rigs. Does anyone know of the best liquid silicone to start with for a fair price? I also would like to know what resin (hard plastic) liquid to use for the actual heads. Thanks
  4. Has anyone seen the new cinch knot rig with 5 flukes tied together? It shows them in a pool dancing all different directions without tangling. Does anyone know how these are tied? It looks like they are rigged with hooks only. No weighted jig heads.
  5. Does the glitter from Walmart work with soft plastic pours? I was wondering if it can withstand the 360 degree heat or not?
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