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  1. I cleaned my injector 3 times the other day during one session and again at the end. Looked like this all 4 times.
  2. I've always had to clean mine also, but this is stuff that builds up at the back end of the injector tube pretty quickly. The other day there was a bunch after just 5 shots. I used to clean the injector with a bottle brush after every session, now I clean this part with a paper towel or a rag because it's just to much for the brush.
  3. I've never said or implied that. I've done that, gently scrape the bottom of the bucket to see what's down there, and I come up empty each time with Dead On Plastix. Will it eventually? Yes of course, like Baitjunkys said, the science says it will. I don't know how long I'd have to let a bucket of this stuff sit in order to find hard pack but I haven't found it after letting the stuff sit for as long as 3 weeks between mixes. YMMV I've mixed the crap out of it with an electric drill and still get some tackiness and gummed up injector tubes. I suspect I'm not the only one to have mixed it well and still had issues. Understand I'm mixing it as long as my shoulder allows which varies slightly but is generally in the 5.5-6 minute range. If mixing requirements are longer than that I'll have to buy a different plastisol next time.
  4. Elf

    Large injector

    Yes but...you know that plug you always push out when you're done? It gets bigger every time. (I wonder how hard it would be to push out a plug that fills half the injector?) That said, I've done it albeit infrequently and only one refill each time. Each time I did it the plug was significantly larger than if I hadn't refilled. It probably wouldn't take to many refills to make refilling pointless. I could refill each of my 3 injectors until the plug took up to much space before setting them aside and I'd certainly be able to shoot more molds in a run that way. How many more? That's hard to say since I haven't tried. *Edit* When I did do it, I first evacuated any remaining hot plastisol back into the measuring cup and then refilled the injector.
  5. Nice first baits! I have to say, at least your first attempt turned out the way you wanted! My first attempt was to make something smoke colored but I used to much black and ended up with grey. Lol That said, what I made on that very first attempt is catching fish and now has a name of its own so don't let your mistakes get you down. Some of my mistakes are my best work. And....Welcome to our hobby.
  6. Elf

    Large injector

    I have 3 total injectors, a 3 oz, and a 6 oz twin. I can shoot a Baitjunky's Ned (6 cavity), 2 Basstackle 4.5" punch craws (2 cavity each), a 4 cavity fluke, 4 cavity 7" ribbon tail, and one of my pair of single cavity frogs. I've been taking the twin apart and using them singly just because they are easier to use separated but I'm going to try leaving it together and see if I can't shoot that second frog too.
  7. Why does that matter? Are you saying that because no one else brought it up I shouldn't have either? I've let this stuff set for weeks with no discernible hard pack on the bottom of the bucket. So while I understand that it will eventually hard pack, it simply doesn't short term and imo that's a positive for their plastisol and that positive is why I brought it up to begin with. I hope this explains my posts and makes them ok now.
  8. It certainly doesn't happen very quickly with their stuff. Note my post above.
  9. A bucket of the new stuff sat in my garage for almost a month before I opened it and although there was about 3 inches of separation in the top of the bucket, there was zero hard pack on the bottom. The previous bucket took several months to use up and I would go several weeks at a time w/o stirring. No hard pack. If you let it set 6 months will there be hard pack? I dunno but maybe I'll try it.
  10. Dead-On doesn't hard pack so you don't need to worry about "stuff on the bottom of the jug".
  11. I think it was Travis that said 24-48 hour cure time on their new plastisol. *Edit* Any baits that have come out of the molds feeling tacky have lost the tacky feeling after curing.
  12. Their new stuff you REALLY have to mix the crap out of it. I use an electric drill and I mix until my shoulder can't take it any longer (5 1/2 to 6 minutes) and sometimes it still feels kinda tacky and gums up my injectors. Travis Crossman said conversion temp is 350 on their new stuff but I get better results if I my initial cook brings it to the 360-370 range. My baits don't feel nearly as tacky coming out of the molds. The cups and injectors are easier to clean as well. There have been so many complaints about the new plastisol I'm wondering if there wasn't something wrong with at least part of that first delivery they took. My own experience with it is my first bucket was contaminated with black particles and I have to cook it to higher temps than what we've been told to do in order to avoid things like sticky baits and gummed up injectors. (Dead-On replaced that first bucket and I haven't opened it yet.)
  13. I had the Do-it Ned bait mold, I sold it and bought Baitjunky's "Ned's Bullet" to replace it. I'm happier with the Baitjunky's mold than I was with it's predecessor.
  14. Elf

    Dead on plastix?

    It's not lureworks but they certainly don't make their own. I "think" the plastisol they are selling now is their own blend, not that they make it themselves, instead it's made to their specifications now. Pretty sure Baitjunky knows who they buy from, I forget atm...
  15. Elf

    Tube Molds

    Enforcer just put up a 4 cavity mold with inserts. Angling AI has a multiple cavity mold but I think you have to cut the tails manually. Do-It has an interesting setup, single cavity molds with 3 different types of inserts for the skirts and interchangeable rods. Expensive to setup up to make but it doesn't seem like it should be any more time consuming than shooting a bunch of single cavity crawdad molds. Of course, I've been wrong before...
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