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  1. Elf

    Dead on plastix?

    It's not lureworks but they certainly don't make their own. I "think" the plastisol they are selling now is their own blend, not that they make it themselves, instead it's made to their specifications now. Pretty sure Baitjunky knows who they buy from, I forget atm...
  2. Elf

    Tube Molds

    Enforcer just put up a 4 cavity mold with inserts. Angling AI has a multiple cavity mold but I think you have to cut the tails manually. Do-It has an interesting setup, single cavity molds with 3 different types of inserts for the skirts and interchangeable rods. Expensive to setup up to make but it doesn't seem like it should be any more time consuming than shooting a bunch of single cavity crawdad molds. Of course, I've been wrong before...
  3. Elf

    Recycle/Reuse leftover Plastic

    Something like this maybe? https://www.amazon.com/Weston-Grinder-Sausage-Stuffer-36-1001-W/dp/B000BQSW44/ref=sr_1_21?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1547843440&sr=1-21&keywords=meat+grinder
  4. Elf

    Recycle/Reuse leftover Plastic

    A noodle maker...you don't say...huh...
  5. Elf

    Recycle/Reuse leftover Plastic

    Seriously? That works?
  6. Elf

    Tube Molds

    Sooner or later I want to make tube baits as well as the other stuff I'm making now. When it comes to molds (I'm not sure I want to hand dip, but we'll see) I think I'd rather have molds with inserts that make the skirt for me as opposed to cutting them. Cutting them seems like it would be tedious beyond measure. What do you guys think of cutting tails vs molds with inserts?
  7. Elf

    Dead on plastix?

    I have a new 5 gallon bucket of their stuff, just waiting to use up the last of the old bucket first.
  8. Elf

    Glitter/Recipes questions

    It will burn. I've done it three times but you have to get it to 400+ and I've only done that when not paying attention. You can reheat it many times w/o it discoloring or using heat stabilizer. Just don't go over 400...
  9. Elf

    Glitter/Recipes questions

    This was the first heater after I installed a new igniter and air pump.
  10. Elf

    Glitter/Recipes questions

    Bro...get yourself a Master torpedo heater. They are certified to run on KT-1 Kerosene (very expensive) #1/#2 diesel, #1/#2 fuel oil, JP-8 and Jet A fuels. I use diesel in mine. Mine also has a thermostat so it doesn't run non-stop and with me now pouring in front of a window with a box fan, the heater runs less than half the time now and keeps the garage nice and warm. This is the one I got. https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/master-80000-btu-kerosene-forced-air-heater-mh-80t-kfa Be sure to buy the replacement warranty as these are now made in China. My first one wouldn't run right at all even with new parts shipped to me, so I took it back and the replacement runs like a dream.
  11. Elf

    Acrylic Stone

    I sell my baits and I prefer to sell baits that have a nice finish on them and I'm pretty sure my customers prefer to buy baits with a nice finish. That's why I don't buy Do-It ES molds or stone molds. *Edit* I bought one ES mold and put the kibosh on that as soon as I saw the finish.
  12. Elf

    Enforcer Bait Molds

    I have the 3.5" frog (2 single cavity molds) and I WILL be buying more molds from Curt in the future. For your viewing pleasure, a 3.5" Enforcer frog.
  13. This too, the warmer they are, the easier they seem to slide off the rods.
  14. Oil the rods you're using before injecting the plastisol. Use worm oil or non-stick cooking spray. The baits will slide off the rods easily w/o ruining them.
  15. Elf

    Angling AI Molds

    Here's some pics of baits I've made with Angling AI molds.