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  1. Homemade custom cedar lures, 4 3/4 deep and shallow diver
  2. Pre rapala custom painted, like new again.
  3. Many Eyes

    Old warts back to new

    Pre rapala wiggle warts
  4. Many Eyes

    old warts back to new!

    A few pre rapala wiggle warts
  5. Many Eyes

    pre rapala wiggle warts

    Thanks fonz. I’m starting to like painting these little guys!! Lol!!
  6. Many Eyes

    Pre rapala wiggle warts

    Thanks fonz Lol!
  7. Many Eyes


    Great looking baits as usual!!! Looking good man!!
  8. Thanks John!!! I’m really happy with it..
  9. SS Lures 20” American Flag Bait
  10. Homemade 20” deep diver, all custom paint and painted angry face.
  11. Many Eyes

    12” cedar musky bait

    Lol! I understand. I’m always looking for feedback on all my baits.. hopefully be posting more pics soon..
  12. Many Eyes

    12” cedar musky bait

    Thanks for the info... I was wondering if they where a little close.. i am working on redesigning the deep divers lip slots.. I still want to test this design at trolling speed and see how the action is... thanks again for the feedback.
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