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  1. Many Eyes

    show baits are ready!

    Hopefully they will get bit this year! They are headed to the Minnesota musky epoxy.
  2. Many Eyes

    show baits are ready!

    Minnesota mucky epoxy baits.
  3. Many Eyes

    20” display lure

    20” mantle piece! Will be at the musky show in Minneapolis
  4. Many Eyes

    20” display piece

    20” long without the lip. Roughly 4” x 4”
  5. Many Eyes

    8” deep divers

    Thanks Big Epp sent you a private message.
  6. Many Eyes

    8” deep divers

    8” deep divers ready for the show
  7. Many Eyes

    14” cedar musky lure

    Yes I put the under scale effects down first then used a vinyl transfer to cover the area up.. thanks I real happy with it...
  8. Homemade cedar musky bait 10” deep diver 2 hole line tie aluminum lip.
  9. Homemade cedar 8” jointed shallow diver.
  10. 8” jointed cedar bait.
  11. 10” Cedar deep diver bait. Arctic ice fire tiger
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