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  1. Homemade cedar musky bait 10” deep diver 2 hole line tie aluminum lip.
  2. Homemade cedar 8” jointed shallow diver.
  3. 8” jointed cedar bait.
  4. 10” Cedar deep diver bait. Arctic ice fire tiger
  5. I don’t know what he was talking about..
  6. What are you talking about? It has a 3” wide lip. It dives 30’ with 50ft line out. I can make it dive 6’ cranking it on a dock.
  7. Thanks fonz!! I’m pretty happy with it!
  8. Just mailed it up to Minnesota. To get tested out...will know this weekend, if it’s a winner or a dud!! Lol!
  9. Thanks!! Getting better with more practice!! Lol
  10. Homemade custom painted cedar 10” deep diver, aluminum 2 line tie lip. New design lip slot...
  11. Homemade custom painted cedar, 8” deep diver, aluminum 2 line tie lip. New design lip slot.
  12. Homemade custom painted cedar musky lures 8” & 10” deep diver, new design lip slot, with aluminum 2 line tie lips.
  13. Many Eyes

    4 3/4” Walleye

    Thanks! On my wood lures I use envirotex lite 2part epoxy. And on my repaints and wiggle warts, I use automotive clear coat... roughly 5 coats give or take...
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