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  1. Many Eyes

    11” cedar musky bait!

    11” narrow body shallow diver cedar musky bait
  2. Many Eyes

    11” cedar bait

    11” wide body deep diver cedar bait hand made and painted by me!!
  3. I used a scale mesh, clued it down and the painted over it. The bait is not foiled. The paint gave it the foil effect. I’m real happy with this bait.
  4. 8” cedar wire thru shallow diver narrow body fire tiger
  5. 8” cedar wire thru shallow diver wide body
  6. Thanks! The lip is 1/8” aluminum. I will look you on Etsy
  7. Thanks man!! Getting better one lure at a time!
  8. 8” cedar deep diver wide body
  9. New 8” cedar shallow diver narrow body musky lure
  10. 8” cedar shallow diver wide body musky lure
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