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    Although I believe in the "match the hatch" theory, I also think it's not a bad thing to look different from every other fish in the school. Case in point....I don't throw an umbrella rig very often, but when I do I always make sure that one of the baits stands out, i.e., different color, size, or tail action. Quite often that's the one that gets bit.
  2. badhatharry


    How do you guys choose which color/style eyes to add to your crankbaits? I like to use some kind of red most times as I think it sends a "wounded" bait message.
  3. Now that I have your attention....does anyone know where I can find blanks in a true bass profile? I see lots of trout and bream bodies but no bass. I can find them pre-painted so I know someone makes them. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. I too am a huge Alumi UV fan. I bought two of those fingernail lights you refer to and taped them back to back that gives me space for 6 to 8 baits depending on size....perfect for my small needs. BTW, for those times that you don't want a really glossy coat, I have found that by adding this product, you can easily adjust the level of gloss. http://www.klasskote.com/product/KKF011014-681652820
  5. Pretty good video right here https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Homemade+Fluid+Bed+geysers&&view=detail&mid=14E0BF9551FB1B69089814E0BF9551FB1B690898&&FORM=VRDGAR
  6. I certainly don't need a high def photo of every fish that swims so I search the internet for the fish I want and print the image.
  7. Thank you BBK, very interesting info right there. I live in Western Washington. Our local waters rarely get below 45 degrees or so. As far as info from our WDFW goes, if it isn't a salmon or trout, you won't get much help from them. Tigers were stocked in several of our lakes as a way of controlling certain unwanted or over producing species. With a 50" minimum size limit, it is strictly a trophy fishery.
  8. Thanks Cadman! Great resources! And yes mjs, I saw that book on Amazon and have ordered a copy. I'm just wondering how much of the spawn, pre-spawn, post spawn info would apply to a sterile strain of hybrid. I guess we shall see. Thanks
  9. Thank you both, I think I found everything I need at LPO. One of my goals this year, and actually one of my bucket list items, is to catch a respectable sized Tiger Musky. Now I just need a "Musky Fishing for Dummies" book to get me started. I've fished spiny rays in Washington State for over 60 years but as a sterile strain of TM's were recently stocked into some of our lakes, I know nothing of them. A couple of 3 footers swirling under my crankbait have peaked my interest however.
  10. I would like to put together a few of these baits to use on our local Tiger Musky population. Can anyone steer me to a good source for 3/4 to 1 1/4 oz brass bodies and some painted willow and either French or Indiana blades in # 6-8? And maybe some dressed trebles in 5/0 to 7/0? I tried the usual suspects without much luck. Thanks
  11. Since I started using Createx' 4030, I've seen a big improvement in my flow. This video explains it pretty well. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=createx+4030&&view=detail&mid=20FD3DBFED6151AC604E20FD3DBFED6151AC604E&&FORM=VRDGAR
  12. I got to thinking about some comments to one of my previous posts stating that using a fluid bed for spinner/buzz baits is difficult because the wire and hook prevent the traditional dip method. Well I set out to build a better mouse trap and came up with a method that works for me. Forgive me if this is old news and you all have thought of this already. I built a new fluid bed using 1 1/2" PVC instead of 2". I used a dremel to cut two opposing slots about 1" down from the top of the cup and then wrapped the upper cup with 3-4 turns of electric tape. I then used a utility knife to slice down the slots. I load the powder as usual, turn on the pump, and lining up the wire and hook with the slots, lower the spinner/buzz into the powder and everything else is like you would normally do. I really am enjoying this new part of bass fishing I discovered and I can do it all winter long! I really appreciate the collective knowledge that is found here. I'm thinking this is pretty self-explanatory but if needed I will try to post a pic.
  13. One more question (for now)......is it possible to mix colors? Thanks for all the replies!
  14. Thank You, PM on the way.
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