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    UV Lights

    Not sure this belongs here but all of you who use UV lights to cure your finishes....that's also a great way to sterilize your cell phone, etc.
  3. I'm doing 20 min @ 300* . But you are right, I have no idea how accurate that dial is. What is ideal? I will be checking as soon as I can squirrel away my wife's thermometer. Thanks
  4. Thanks! Question....I dropped one on 1/2 jigs, fresh out of the oven, on a concrete floor and the finish chipped. Is this normal or do I need to add a clear coat or....? Thanks Again.
  5. I'm pretty new to this and you guys probably have this already figured out. On my latest batch, I added a small piece of shrink tubing to the eye. I removed it at the same time I pulled the teflon base pin.... while the paint and the tubing was still soft and......voila, clean as a whistle.
  6. Thank You. I ordered a few colors and some clear last week. Should be here soon. I'll let you know how it works.
  7. According to the website...."Non-fluorescent soft plastic colors can be added to Clear to make your own custom colors". I just don't know what they mean by soft plastic colors. I have been using their dotting paints for years to add accents, dots to soft plastics but the colors offered are limited. I would like to custom make some colors that more suit my needs. Thanks
  8. What type/brand colorant can I add to their clear? I get no help from emailing them. I don't make my own soft plastics so I know nothing of what to use. Thanks
  9. https://www.amazon.com/PowerBait-Trout-Attractant-fl-oz/dp/B003H9KVFA/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=powerbait+scent&link_code=qs&qid=1577726216&sourceid=Mozilla-search&sr=8-3 But to me, it's not the same .
  10. I usually don't buy electrics at Harbor Freight but the Bench Sander Combo I got there has worked very well for over a year now....and you can't beat the price with the 20% off coupon. Good Luck
  11. badhatharry


    Although I believe in the "match the hatch" theory, I also think it's not a bad thing to look different from every other fish in the school. Case in point....I don't throw an umbrella rig very often, but when I do I always make sure that one of the baits stands out, i.e., different color, size, or tail action. Quite often that's the one that gets bit.
  12. badhatharry


    How do you guys choose which color/style eyes to add to your crankbaits? I like to use some kind of red most times as I think it sends a "wounded" bait message.
  13. Now that I have your attention....does anyone know where I can find blanks in a true bass profile? I see lots of trout and bream bodies but no bass. I can find them pre-painted so I know someone makes them. Any ideas? Thanks
  14. I too am a huge Alumi UV fan. I bought two of those fingernail lights you refer to and taped them back to back that gives me space for 6 to 8 baits depending on size....perfect for my small needs. BTW, for those times that you don't want a really glossy coat, I have found that by adding this product, you can easily adjust the level of gloss. http://www.klasskote.com/product/KKF011014-681652820
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