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  1. badhatharry

    Powder Painting

  2. badhatharry

    Fluid Bed for Spinnerbaits

    I got to thinking about some comments to one of my previous posts stating that using a fluid bed for spinner/buzz baits is difficult because the wire and hook prevent the traditional dip method. Well I set out to build a better mouse trap and came up with a method that works for me. Forgive me if this is old news and you all have thought of this already. I built a new fluid bed using 1 1/2" PVC instead of 2". I used a dremel to cut two opposing slots about 1" down from the top of the cup and then wrapped the upper cup with 3-4 turns of electric tape. I then used a utility knife to slice down the slots. I load the powder as usual, turn on the pump, and lining up the wire and hook with the slots, lower the spinner/buzz into the powder and everything else is like you would normally do. I really am enjoying this new part of bass fishing I discovered and I can do it all winter long! I really appreciate the collective knowledge that is found here. I'm thinking this is pretty self-explanatory but if needed I will try to post a pic.
  3. badhatharry

    Powder Painting

    One more question (for now) it possible to mix colors? Thanks for all the replies!
  4. badhatharry

    Powder Painting

    Thank You, PM on the way.
  5. badhatharry

    Powder Painting

    OK, I finally got set up and painted a couple batches of jigs and spinnerbaits. They actually turned out pretty well and now I want to take it a step further. So what is the best way to add a second or even third accent color to a jig/spinnerbait that has been powder painted? How about adding eyes? Are they stuck on and then epoxied over or .....? Thanks
  6. badhatharry

    Fluid bed

    Thank You both. I use my pancake for airbrushing so I can dial down pretty well, but I'm seeing that aquarium pumps aren't too costly so I'll probably go that route. I'm actually going to remove a lot of the wire in order to use them as chatterbaits so that shouldn't be a problem. Another question....if I want to add or paint eyes, when in the process should that happen, assuming I'm going to bake the finish. Thank again.
  7. badhatharry

    Fluid bed

    Hey guys, I thought I would try powder painting some spinnerbait heads. I put together a PVC fluid bed like the ones suggested all over Youtube. My question is, can I use my pancake compressor as an air source? I know it's waaaay overkill but I don't want to get too deep into something I'll very rarely use. Thanks
  8. Can anyone please tell me (or picture me even better) how to configure a pancake compressor, to water trap/regulator, to 3 hole manifold, to air brush(s). I have all the parts, I'd just like to do it with out 100' of hose running all over the place. Thanks
  9. badhatharry

    Silver Holographic body - Crankbait

    Dinger has a couple of chrome bodies.
  10. badhatharry

    First Lot and ? about shooting pearlized

    I've gone to shooting pearlized platinum over white primer. I too just couldn't see how much pearl white was getting on the bait. BTW, those look great!
  11. badhatharry

    Pearls or metallics

    I'm pretty new at painting my own hard baits and I'm wondering what the major difference is between the two. Is there an instance when you would you use one or the other? I'm pretty much using all Createx products right now...mostly Auto Air colors. Thanks
  12. badhatharry

    Live Target type baits

    Yeah, well, I've never seen a chartreuse crawdad swimming 20 mph, 10 feet off the bottom either, but it sure catches a lot of fish.
  13. badhatharry

    Crankbait Fins

    Here's a good place to start
  14. badhatharry

    Live Target type baits

    I found these on Amazon and thought I'd play around with them a little. They obviously will provide an interesting challenge. Does anyone have any experience with "multi-eyed" baits? Tips and ideas would be welcome. Thank You.
  15. badhatharry

    Color Help

    Anybody have a recipe for a bone color? I use mainly Createx acrylics. Thanks