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  1. badhatharry

    Silver Holographic body - Crankbait

    Dinger has a couple of chrome bodies.
  2. badhatharry

    First Lot and ? about shooting pearlized

    I've gone to shooting pearlized platinum over white primer. I too just couldn't see how much pearl white was getting on the bait. BTW, those look great!
  3. badhatharry

    Pearls or metallics

    I'm pretty new at painting my own hard baits and I'm wondering what the major difference is between the two. Is there an instance when you would you use one or the other? I'm pretty much using all Createx products right now...mostly Auto Air colors. Thanks
  4. badhatharry

    Live Target type baits

    Yeah, well, I've never seen a chartreuse crawdad swimming 20 mph, 10 feet off the bottom either, but it sure catches a lot of fish.
  5. badhatharry

    Crankbait Fins

    Here's a good place to start
  6. badhatharry

    Live Target type baits

    I found these on Amazon and thought I'd play around with them a little. They obviously will provide an interesting challenge. Does anyone have any experience with "multi-eyed" baits? Tips and ideas would be welcome. Thank You.
  7. badhatharry

    Color Help

    Anybody have a recipe for a bone color? I use mainly Createx acrylics. Thanks
  8. badhatharry

    Strip paint

    Assuming I use Createx (water based acrylics), do I need to remove paint or can I just re-prime and start anew?
  9. badhatharry

    Airbrushing Glide Baits, et al

    Hey all, new guy here. I have recently started painting my own glidebaits due to the obscene prices they get for them. My question is, how do you handle the semi-soft plastic tails and fins that sometimes accompany these baits? I have several plastic dies but the selection of colors is very limited. I use mainly Createx and Wicked paints...will these work for this, assuming I clear coat over the entire bait? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.