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  1. I too am a huge Alumi UV fan. I bought two of those fingernail lights you refer to and taped them back to back that gives me space for 6 to 8 baits depending on size....perfect for my small needs. BTW, for those times that you don't want a really glossy coat, I have found that by adding this product, you can easily adjust the level of gloss. http://www.klasskote.com/product/KKF011014-681652820
  2. Pretty good video right here https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Homemade+Fluid+Bed+geysers&&view=detail&mid=14E0BF9551FB1B69089814E0BF9551FB1B690898&&FORM=VRDGAR
  3. I certainly don't need a high def photo of every fish that swims so I search the internet for the fish I want and print the image.
  4. Thank you BBK, very interesting info right there. I live in Western Washington. Our local waters rarely get below 45 degrees or so. As far as info from our WDFW goes, if it isn't a salmon or trout, you won't get much help from them. Tigers were stocked in several of our lakes as a way of controlling certain unwanted or over producing species. With a 50" minimum size limit, it is strictly a trophy fishery.
  5. Thanks Cadman! Great resources! And yes mjs, I saw that book on Amazon and have ordered a copy. I'm just wondering how much of the spawn, pre-spawn, post spawn info would apply to a sterile strain of hybrid. I guess we shall see. Thanks
  6. Thank you both, I think I found everything I need at LPO. One of my goals this year, and actually one of my bucket list items, is to catch a respectable sized Tiger Musky. Now I just need a "Musky Fishing for Dummies" book to get me started. I've fished spiny rays in Washington State for over 60 years but as a sterile strain of TM's were recently stocked into some of our lakes, I know nothing of them. A couple of 3 footers swirling under my crankbait have peaked my interest however.
  7. I would like to put together a few of these baits to use on our local Tiger Musky population. Can anyone steer me to a good source for 3/4 to 1 1/4 oz brass bodies and some painted willow and either French or Indiana blades in # 6-8? And maybe some dressed trebles in 5/0 to 7/0? I tried the usual suspects without much luck. Thanks
  8. Since I started using Createx' 4030, I've seen a big improvement in my flow. This video explains it pretty well. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=createx+4030&&view=detail&mid=20FD3DBFED6151AC604E20FD3DBFED6151AC604E&&FORM=VRDGAR
  9. I got to thinking about some comments to one of my previous posts stating that using a fluid bed for spinner/buzz baits is difficult because the wire and hook prevent the traditional dip method. Well I set out to build a better mouse trap and came up with a method that works for me. Forgive me if this is old news and you all have thought of this already. I built a new fluid bed using 1 1/2" PVC instead of 2". I used a dremel to cut two opposing slots about 1" down from the top of the cup and then wrapped the upper cup with 3-4 turns of electric tape. I then used a utility knife to slice down the slots. I load the powder as usual, turn on the pump, and lining up the wire and hook with the slots, lower the spinner/buzz into the powder and everything else is like you would normally do. I really am enjoying this new part of bass fishing I discovered and I can do it all winter long! I really appreciate the collective knowledge that is found here. I'm thinking this is pretty self-explanatory but if needed I will try to post a pic.
  10. One more question (for now)......is it possible to mix colors? Thanks for all the replies!
  11. Thank You, PM on the way.
  12. OK, I finally got set up and painted a couple batches of jigs and spinnerbaits. They actually turned out pretty well and now I want to take it a step further. So what is the best way to add a second or even third accent color to a jig/spinnerbait that has been powder painted? How about adding eyes? Are they stuck on and then epoxied over or .....? Thanks
  13. Thank You both. I use my pancake for airbrushing so I can dial down pretty well, but I'm seeing that aquarium pumps aren't too costly so I'll probably go that route. I'm actually going to remove a lot of the wire in order to use them as chatterbaits so that shouldn't be a problem. Another question....if I want to add or paint eyes, when in the process should that happen, assuming I'm going to bake the finish. Thank again.
  14. badhatharry

    Fluid bed

    Hey guys, I thought I would try powder painting some spinnerbait heads. I put together a PVC fluid bed like the ones suggested all over Youtube. My question is, can I use my pancake compressor as an air source? I know it's waaaay overkill but I don't want to get too deep into something I'll very rarely use. Thanks
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