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  1. The Plastisol catches on fire!!
  2. Where do you purchase this??
  3. I agree with the above statement. If you want Plastics to last after using the buy M-F
  4. One minute at a time, Stir and check temp Once you get to 300 degrees, the n add one minute, but, check the temp every 20 seconds or less. Make sure you stir before checking any temps. The lower the temp that you shoot, the better the bait. This is for us doing 8 ounces at a time.
  5. Also am using up my M-F and going to Bait Plastics!!
  6. Use an aquarium to watch how your worms work. Mine are working just fine!!
  7. Does anyone know how to get the same color blue?? How many drops per ounce??
  8. I have been making plastics for a couple of years now. I just want all to know how I feel that this Forum is filled with great facts and everyone on here seems to get along great!! Thanks a bunch!!
  9. Been making Laminated worms and trying to get them to look like the Black/Blue Yamamoto Senko's?? Any idea's would greatly be appreciated!! Also where can I do a search on this forum??
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