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  1. I make ultra minnow bucktail jigs used regular jig hooks. I seen a fishing video recommending swing hooks on backtail jigs. Not sure what materials would be used inside the jig to provide a means of attaching a hook. Appreciate any help, thanks, walt
  2. Making mojo trolling jigs. Having trouble threading 9 " shads with 12/0 hooks. Does anyone have any tips or youtube videos that might help. Got one tip to use soap to make the hook more slippery. Any help appreciated.....walt
  3. catsmeow

    Toyko jigs

    Spelled it wrong should be tokyo
  4. catsmeow

    Toyko jigs

    Was wondering if anyone has looked into making the toyko jigs, looks pretty easy except attaching the wire for the weights. They say that it is,welded. Any ideas on how to attach the wire.
  5. Was wondering if anyone has some comments on scents for cast saltwater plastics. Was wondering if it is possible to scents the molds with Berkley gulp recharge juice for personal use or would this be patent infringement. if that is not possible would you have any recommendations for other scents. Fish salt water in the area of Sandy Hook NJ. Thanks..... Walt
  6. I believe the skirt material I need for the mojo (parachute jigs) is called fish hair a synthetic material. Looking for input is this is correct and the best place to buy it. Thanks.... Walt
  7. Hey guys, thanks for the input. Lisa and ed did not have big enough sizes. Found a site glassyeyesonline.com in South Carolina. Appear to have what I need, put in an order hopefully they are what I need. Thanks again for the input... Walt
  8. Having trouble locating 9/16, 5/8, 3/4 in stick on eyes for mojo striper trolling jigs (saltwater). None of the tackle catalogs offer any that big. Any help would be greatly appreciated... Walt
  9. I tie a lot of saltwater bucktail jigs and was wondering if their is a good use either in jigs or flies for the brown bucktail. Was thinking of using to tie some clouser minnows with the brown on type. Have a lot if used up bucktails. An thoughts appreciated.... Thanks Walt
  10. Will be making ultra minnow salt water jigs from 1 oz to 5 oz. Looking for a recommendation on thread size and type. Also make rods and rod thread breaks under tension when making jigs. Will be powder coating jigs and tying on bucktail to complete the jigs. Need a good sturdy thread. Any help will be appreciated..... Thanks Walt (NJ)
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